Dawson's Creek

Season 5 Episode 2

The Lost Weekend

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 17, 2001 on The WB
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Pacey gets a job at a resturant and meets an attractive Hispanic waitress named Karen. Although Karen has a very unfriendly boyfriend, that doesn't stop Pacey from feeling attracted to her. Dawson arrives to visit Joey, and is misled by Audrey when she decides to set her sights on him herself. Jen's compassion gets her to help Charlie and be on the college radio station.moreless

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  • Dawson is looking for a reason to stay in Boston with Joey all his friends. Joey tries to drop a class. Pacey gets a job. Jen starts a relationship with Charlie.moreless

    This episode was so much better than "Bostonians". There was more drama. In this episode Dawson listens to Joey's message that she left for him while she was drunk. To be honest, I don't like Joey and Dawson fighting, but I love all the things that happened when they didn't spend the day together. Let's start of with Joey. She spends the day trying to drop a class. I actually thought it was funny that her Creative Writing teacher put a different name on the phone. I love that she got an A- on that paper he wanted her to do. I also liked that she throw the form in the garbage. Let's go to Dawson. I love how he spent the whole day with Audrey. Audrey is growing on me very fast as a character. I liked the ending where Joey kind of asks Dawson to stay, and he does stay, which is good. Pacey's brother tries to get him a job at a restaurant. I love have that girl refused to let Pacey pay for their meal. I love how Pacey decided to go get a job. Though I'm not a huge fan of Chad Michael Murray he plays Charlie very well. I like that he and Jen are sort of a couple now. I also saw a Jen from season 1 acting all witty. It was nice. I give this episode a 8/10.moreless
  • Dawson questions whether he wants to stay in LA and Joey questions the future of her relationship with Dawson.

    This episode is one of the last few great episodes in the last 2 seasons. Even though the problems between Joey and Dawson continue to be the same, it seems true to life that they are having trouble moving on from each other. Neither one of them can let go. In the previous episode when Joey said she was done with Dawson it seemed too final for them. They truly do have a relationship that cannot be completely broken ever, even if they are not romantically involved. I love Audrey's interaction with Dawson as well because she helps him to see that he would rather be in Boston with his friends. I enjoy the dynamic between Professor Wilder and Joey as well, even though he is being annoying when she is trying to work things out with Dawson. I would totally find the story of their relationship interesting. In these beginning episodes I liked Jen and Charlie together as well, even though I thought they moved a little fast. Charlie is initially very charming. Pacey's storyline was a bit boring in this episode, but I was glad to see him settling down in Boston instead of traveling the world on yachts.moreless
James Van Der Beek

James Van Der Beek

Dawson Leery

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes

Josephine "Joey" Potter

Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams

Jennifer "Jen" Lindley

Joshua Jackson

Joshua Jackson

Pacey J. Witter

Kerr Smith

Kerr Smith

Jack McPhee (recurring Season 2)

Mary Beth Peil

Mary Beth Peil

Evelyn "Grams" Ryan

Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer Morrison

Melanie Shea Thompson

Guest Star

Candy Aston Dennis

Candy Aston Dennis


Guest Star

Jesse Janowsky

Jesse Janowsky


Guest Star

Chad Michael Murray

Chad Michael Murray

Charlie Todd

Recurring Role

Ken Marino

Ken Marino

Professor David Wilder

Recurring Role

Busy Philipps

Busy Philipps

Audrey Liddell

Recurring Role

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    • (To Joey)
      Dawson: We're gonna, we're gonna move on, we're going to grow up, and four years from now we are going to wake up, and we are going to be complete strangers to each other. The only thing that I know for sure, it that I don't want that to happen. Do you?

    • (To Professor Wilder)
      Joey: And that boy, the one that wasn't supposed to come visit me. Well, he did, and now he is out there debating the future of our relationship, which incidentally I had already determined had not future with my roommate the professional Man Magnet.

    • Joey: I need to drop this class.
      Clerk: Sorry sweetie, but last time I heard Oscar Wilde didn't teach here at Worthington he died in 1900.
      Joey: Uh, no. No it's not Wilde, it's Wilder. As in David Wilder.
      Clerk: I'm sure that is what it is supposed to say, but if you actually want to drop this class, you are going to have to take this back and get it signed by somebody who is actually alive. Next!

    • Danny: What ever you say Popeye. I'm sure out there in the middle of the ocean you are completely the bomb.
      Pacey: I am actually.

    • Doug: Look just go see this guy, Pacey? Ok, And do it today. I told him that you were going to come by, and see him. So, please just this once, will do me this favor. Please?
      Pacey: Ok, ok, look, if I go see this guy, will you get off my case?
      Doug: Nothing would make me happier, little brother.

    • Jack: If you look at the cold hard facts, I have kissed more guys than you have this past year.
      Jen: Well... that's not true.
      Jack: I've kissed one. How many have you kissed?
      Jen: One.
      Jack: How many straight guys?
      Jen: None.

    • Dawson: Maybe that is the ending we are supposed to have. Maybe every other attraction that we feel each other is just, fear of moving on, fear of growing up.
      Joey: Is that what you really think?
      Dawson: I don't know, but I do know that if I get on this plane, I am never going to find out.

    • Joey: Dawson, I never said it was going to be easy.
      Dawson: Then tell me one thing that you do know.
      Joey: I know that I wanted you there. At the end of the day, when I got back to my room, I wanted you there.

    • Dawson: And what does matter?
      Joey: You. That's why I got upset this morning, Dawson. I had spent the entire weekend thinking that you had heard everything I had to say on that message and that you came anyway. That you understood me.
      Dawson: Joey, as long that I live, I will never understand you. I mean, I had this fantastic weekend. Hanging out with you. Hanging out with my friends. Questions whether or not, I even wanted to go back to LA, and then I wake up this morning to find out that the girl that was so upset that I couldn't come, could actually kiss me off in the waning hours of Friday night.

    • Dawson: Man, must be nice.
      Joey: What is?
      Dawson: Having them around all the time.
      Joey: Yeah, it is. Even though it is someone else's house, and somebody else's grandmother, it's... still like having a safety net I guess. Or... I don't know a...
      Dawson: A family.
      Joey: Yeah, Like a family. Puts everything in perspective. It helps you separate what matters from what doesn't.

    • (To Joey about Dawson)
      Audrey: Hey. I spent the whole day, trying to defend you. I said, it was a woman's right to be mysterious and difficult. You know, the good ones always are. Apparently, you and I have that in common, but yeah, he wouldn't listen. He said that he was going Cali, and he was never coming back you know. No matter how many pathetic drunken messages you accidentally leave on his answering machine.

    • Pacey: A month ago I was watching this sunset from the deck of a gigantic yacht in the middle of the Caribbean. And today, I..
      Karen: Stuck working here.
      Pacey: Yeah.
      Karen: Yeah, well, here's not so bad really, because when it comes down to it. What matter isn't where you are, but who you are there with.

    • Pacey: Actually it turns out that I am a one woman man. Provided she is the right kind.

    • Danny: Show up on time everyday, and work clean, and you can have pretty much any job around here including mine.
      Pacey: Oh, cool, because from what I can tell, you pretty much don't do anything around here anyways.

    • (To Professor Wilder)
      Joey: I know my limits, you know. And I don't want to mess up this new life I'm trying to start for myself, by trying to do everything at once. I wake up every day, I'm in this bizarre new environment. I'm totally and completely alone for the first time in my life. So, maybe I am a little afraid of getting a C, but if I am, it's because a lot of people have made a lot of sacrifices so that I could get to this place. My sister, my friends, my mother, even my dad in his screwed up non law-abiding way.

    • Professor Wilder: Not bad Ms. Potter. I think we might have just discovered major failing in life and art.
      Joey: What's that?
      Professor Wilder: Over thinking things. Because when it comes right down to it, you obviously know how to separate what matters and what doesn't.

    • Audrey: Sometimes people just come up here to make out. You want to?
      Dawson: Ha, ha, ha. Yeah!
      Audrey: No.
      Dawson: Oh, why not?
      Audrey: Because, even though she would probably deny it with every last breath in her body. Joey is my friend, at least she is going to be. And I don't think she would like it too much.
      Dawson: I wish I could be just half as sure about that as you are.

    • (To Joey)
      Professor Wilder: Look, the truth is, when I encounter the rare High School graduate who knows the difference between, its possessive no apostrophe, and it's contraction with the apostrophe. My blood tends to race a bit, so yes I sent you on a wild goose chase. But you will forgive me for not wanting to part so easily with a student that I found promising.

    • (To Jen)
      Charlie: Something did happen. I met you. I liked you. You liked me. We had sex. So if you could just take a second, stop, and appreciate that fact. Because that is frickin' amazing day for me. Alright and if it all the same to you, I don't want to have to go out next Friday and start the process all over again with a girl I don't like half as much as I like you.

    • Dawson: So the future of out relationship means nothing to you.
      Joey: The Future? Dawson, you are getting on a plane in a couple of hours. All I said in my message is exactly what you said back in June. You know, we have to move on, we have to go our separate ways.

    • (About Audrey)
      Joey: You spent the entire morning with her?
      Dawson: Yeah, I like her. She's a trip. She's easy to talk to.
      Joey: Dawson she's just flirting with you. She flirts with everybody. Animal, vegetable, mineral...
      Dawson: Yeah, I know. I think it's great.

    • Charlie: I like all kinds of music, unlike you who's obviously very cynical and very closed minded. It's probably one of those upper middle class, heavy television, freaky batgirls that drive around town in their father's old Volvo.
      Jen: I came here from a small town, I like to knit, and I live with my grandmother.
      Charlie: Works for me.

    • Charlie: What is music for, if it is not to subvert all you expectations and blow your mind every once in a while?
      Jen: Well, I thought that was what people were for.

    • Audrey: I'm worried about you, Dawson.
      Dawson: Thank you, I'm glad somebody is.

    • Audrey: I don't know, call me crazy, but generally, people who love college, don't fly all the way across the country to see their old high school friends. In October.
      Dawson: Everyone gets homesick.
      Audrey: Yeah, except this is not your home.

    • Doug: So... that must be the famous Melanie.
      Pacey: Yes indeed. Melanie Shea Tompson. Let me ask you this, Dougie. Why is it, that rich people always have three names?
      Doug: Oh, I don't know. I guess the more people you are named after, the more wills you could potentially appear in.

    • Charlie: Well, Jen. I guess that I have learned in my vast experience, that people tend to feel low energy on Monday mornings.
      Jen: And why is that exactly?
      Charlie: Because... generally they have gone out on the weekend and done something that regret.
      Jen: Or not done something they regret.

    • (About Joey)
      Dawson: Do you ever find yourself wondering why someone so smart can be so stupid?
      Audrey: Every day.

    • Dawson: You know, it's probably best that Joey and I are apart right now. If we spent the whole afternoon together right now we would probably say something that we would regret.
      Audrey: Like?
      Dawson: Like, why am I letting this girl ruin my life.

    • Professor Wilder: Can't you drop some other class? Something useless, like basket weaving? Or women's studies?
      Joey: I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that.

    • Dawson: I thought that everything was resolved. Until I got that message, I thought we said everything that we had to say three months ago in my room.
      Joey: Great! I guess we don't have anything to say.

    • Joey: You didn't get my message?
      Dawson: No. You sound a little drunk.
      Joey: Dawson, that is because I am drunk. Now give me the phone.
      Dawson: No way.
      Joey: Drunk people should have the right to neutralize their own messages.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Danny: What ever you say Popeye. I'm sure out there in the middle of the ocean you are completely the bomb.

      Popeye the Sailor is a fictional comic strips, animated films and TV shows character created by Elzie Crisler Segar.

    • Clerk: Sorry sweetie, but last time I heard Oscar Wilde didn't teach here at Worthington he died in 1900.

      Oscar Wilde (1854-1900) was an Irish novelist, poet, and author of short stories as well as one of the most successful playwrights.