Dawson's Creek

Season 2 Episode 8

The Reluctant Hero

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 25, 1998 on The WB

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  • Joey and Jack go on their first date.

    "The Reluctant Hero" was a fantastic episode with so many memorable scenes. I like the Joey and Jack date. It was very romantic with them watching the lightning. I've said this before but re-watching season 2, I appreciate Jen's storyline with alcohol abuse this season a lot more. One of her most memorable scenes for me is when she's drunk and she throws up on that fence. I love how Dawson is nice enough to take her to Mitch's apartment and let her sleep their. My favourite part of this episode is Andie's mother going crazy at the grocery store. I love how Pacey was all calm about it and acted like Andie's mother wasn't crazy at all. I give this episode a 9/10.
  • Finally another good episode.

    After few episodes in the second season, finally there is one that is getting somewhere. Instead of seeing Dawson and Joey kissing; Joey decides to give herself some space from Dawson, even to have a date with Jack and make everything clear between them after they kissed.
    I especially like Andie and Pacey together. They are such a sweet couple, and she never stops talking while Pacey just hears her out. At the breakdown of her Mother, he was even right there to help her out in everyway he can.
    Jen is still the most annoying part of this show. This time she messed up when Abby is not even around to destroy her life. However, Dawson is there. The Mr. Nice Guy. Where else can he be when everyone else is coupled?
  • The Reluctant Hero

    Joey has agreed to go on a date with Jack.

    Dawson is talking to Joey at her house, he asks her if she is going out, she says no, she is just hanging out with a friend. As he is walking away, he sees Jack walking up to the house.

    Dawson frustrated with that situation and with his parents divorce, decides to go to a party with Jen. He saves Jen from herself at the party, where she gets drunk and almost participates in a threesome with 2 guys.

    The sweetest scene is when Andi gets a call to come get her mother, who is having a break down in a little market. Pacey steps in and helps get her calmed down and out of the store quietly.