Dawson's Creek

Season 1 Episode 11

The Scare

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 05, 1998 on The WB
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Episode Summary

In honor of Friday the 13th, Dawson, plans a séance for the gang. While in the store getting supplies for the evening they meet a distressed young lady who they invite back to Dawson's with them. In addition to being spooked by the lady, and the seance, they are all spooked by reports of a serial killer heading towards Capeside.moreless

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  • Hilarious

    This is one of My Favorite episodes from season 1! It was incredibly funny! Really What is up with Pacey and his little mother complex? This episode was TOO funny! Eddie and Ursula were just crazy! Cliff: "Urusla are you some sort of spirt godess" Ursula: "well I channel from time to time , have a couple sister spirts that occupy my body on occasions"

    Dawson: "Deyona and Latoya?"

    Eddie: I'm gonna kill you, you know that

    Ursula:Promises Promises Pacey's my new man he'll protect me

    Pacey:(Whimpering)Don't tell him that! Don't tell him that!

    (those quotes have mosstly the right words, I typed them by memory)

    The episode was not only hilarious, but it was actually really scary! the 1st time I saw it was was saying, oh my goodness and PACEY you idiot, because he brought Ursula to the house and the knife in her purse story was just plain freaky and although you know there's no chance of Jen dying(in that episode) or anything, the whole lady killer parts of the episode were freaky! Also at the end where Joey and Dawson are watching tv and they see that the guy who came up to Joey "to ask for directions" was actually the lady killer was creepy, we all figured it was going to be him but when everyhthing was over and I saw that I had the same expression on my face that they had! I loved this episode!moreless
  • It's Friday the 13th and serial killer is in Capeside. Dawson pulls a bunch of pranks on his friends and Pacey invites a stranger to a séance.

    This is one of the creepiest episodes of Dawson's Creek. Dawson pull pranks on Pacey and Joey which are funny when he's pulling them at school. It was really creepy when he put that mask on and hid under the bed and when Joey looked under and screamed. The crazy woman that Pacey invited to the seance was hilarious. She kept laughing at all the pranks and saying all these wierd things. I actually thought her boyfriend was going to be the seriel killer. Though I was really suspisious of the guy talking to Joey while she was in the car and Dawson and Pacey were in the store. The looks on their faces at the end of the episode were priceless.moreless
  • Very scary!

    It's Friday the 13th and Dawson is in the scaring mood. He gets Pacey and Joey, but not Jen. She feels left out, but she hates to be scared. Cliff asks her out for their first date. Dawson is having a seance. Cliff and Jen go there. Pacey invites an older woman, Ursula, who has problems with her abusive boyfriend. There is a serial killer on the loose. Joey actually encounters him. Jen gets a death threat note and a creepy phone call. She thinks it's Dawson, but it's actually Cliff. Grams likes Cliff. Eddie, Ursula's boyfriend, scares the whole gang. The serial killer is caught.

    This was a great episode! It had a really creepy feel to it. I really do want Joey and Dawson together! I have to admit that either Pacey and Joey or Dawson and Jen would be okay for me too. What's with Pacey and older women? Well, I give this episode a 10!moreless
  • i love this episode! (spoilers)

    i just love this episode, i saw it this morning on tbs. i do not really watch dawson's creek that much, but for some reason i got hooked to this episode, i could not change the channel, i just kept on watching. it was really funny how dawson kept on scaring everyone. i could not figure out who the murder was. at first i thought cliff was the "lady killer" but he was just the one who sent the letter and called. and then i thought it was the crazy guy at the liquor store, but he was just ursula's boyfriend. and then i thought it was the guy who was talking to joey when she was in the car. i thought he was going to follow joey all the way to dawson's house, but i was wrong. but finally we find out that it was the guy who was talking joey, he was the killer after all. it was a really good episode, and it was even kind of scary.moreless
Jennifer McComb

Jennifer McComb


Guest Star

David Blanchard

David Blanchard

David /The Killer

Guest Star

Patt Noday

Patt Noday


Guest Star

Mitchell Laurance

Mitchell Laurance

Mr. Benjamin Gold

Recurring Role

Ed Grady

Ed Grady

Gramps Ryan

Recurring Role

Scott Foley

Scott Foley

Cliff Elliot

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Goof: A boom mic is very clearly reflected in Pacey's Jeep when Dawson and Joey are approaching the car for the shopping trip.

    • The stranger Jen is talking to on the phone asks: "How's your grandfather?", which makes Jen go check on her sick grandfather. This line was a reference made by show creator Kevin Williamson to the original When a Stranger Calls. Williamson used films like When a Stranger Calls and Halloween for the basis of his film Scream, which happens to be the beginning premise of this episode.

    • Goof: When Pacey drives Joey and Dawson to the market, they leave in daylight but when they arrive it's dark and night time. It's not likely that it could have taken them so long to make such short drive in a small town.

    • In this episode, Joey tells Dawson that she hates riding in the car with Pacey. Ironically, in a later season, Pacey teaches Joey how to drive.

    • Goof: When arriving at the store, Pacey asks Joey to wait in the car, as he couldn't turn it off (having hotwired/jumped the car, since he "borrowed" it from his father). Yet, when he is leaving Dawson's house following the evening's events, he runs to the car; jumps in, and starts it with the key in the ignition!

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Psycho Caller: So tell me your name.
      Jen: Drew Barrymore. Look, you wanna play this game, let's cut right to the chase. What's your favorite scary movie?
      Psycho Caller: Friday the 13th. What's yours?
      Jen: The Ten Commandments. Don't ask.

    • Dawson: I didn't try to spook you.
      Jen: Say honest to God.
      Dawson: Jen, you don't believe in God!

    • Pacey:Can you watch the car Jo?
      Joey: Why?
      Pacey: Well, I can't really turn it off. I mean I can but it's a hazard cause I don't have the keys.

    • Dawson: Seance tonight at my house. This one is going to blow your minds.
      Pacey: What about no more life imitating movies, Dawson?
      Dawson: Old habits die hard. And old friends die even harder.

    • Jen: (To Cliff) You know, I think my Grams has the hots for you. You interested?

    • Dawson: No, Jen's my ex-girlfriend. Not Joey.
      Ursula: Then there's your problem. You're dating the wrong girl.

    • Ursula: You know, love is a complicated bitch.

    • Pacey: (To Joey) You're gonna go to your grave pining away for your best friend. A guy who's so oblivious, he doesn't have a clue that you lust after him morning, noon, and night.

    • Pacey: Can you watch the car, Jo?
      Joey: Why?
      Pacey: Well... I can't really turn it off. I mean, I can, but it's a hassle, you know, because I don't have the keys.
      Joey: Oh, yeah. I forget. You steal it.
      Pacey: Hey, you borrow from family. You never steal.

    • Dawson: (Describing his relationship with Jen) The characters were flawed and uninspired. The love scenes were amateurish, to say the least. And the ending was definitely not happy. It wasn't even tragic. It just ended.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Movie References:

      Brief clips are shown of:
      I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)*
      Jerry Maguire (1996)

      The dialogue includes references to:
      Halloween (1978)
      Friday the 13th (1980)
      Ten Commandments (1956)
      When a Stranger Calls (1979)
      Scream (1996)*

      I Know What You Did Last Summer was written by Dawson's Creek series creator, Kevin Williamson. The entire episode is a take-off of his movie, Scream.

    • Joey: And don't think for one second your fooled me with you innocent, puppy dog, 'Who, me? I'm Richie Cunningham' act.

      For the second time in the first season a reference to Happy Days. Both times compared Dawson to the main character, Richie Cunningham.