Dawson's Creek

Season 6 Episode 2

The Song Remains the Same (2)

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 02, 2002 on The WB

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  • Dawson and Joey are finally starting their new relationship, until Dawson gets a call from his girlfriend. Pacey gets a new job while he and Jack are looking for an apartment. A guy named CJ asks Jen to go to a counselor meeting.

    Another good episode. Dawson & Joey are together for most of the episode. I love the scene where they are trying to tell each other something witty but they have no words to describe what happened. I also can't believe how much that the house they have on the set actually looks like his real house. I find it interesting that the set is using his house blue prints. Anyways I hated the ending. I mean everyone knows that Dawson and Joey have this intense relationship that's complicated, but Joey shouldn't have over reacted the way she did. But then again, Dawson had a girlfriend. Pacey gets the job. Also he and Jack are looking for apartments. The finally convince Emma to let them have the apartment. I'm glad they are going to be room mates but I don't like Jack leaving Jen all alone with Grams. Jen is funny as usual in this episode. A guy named CJ wants her to go this counselor meeting. Jen goes, but she doesn't like the atmosphere so she leaves. I also love how everyone remembered Joey's birthday and they gave her a surpise party. I give this episode a 8.5/10
  • Another episode keeping us waiting.

    Dawson and Joey finally got together after the whole summer without a single phone calls. Everything went well including sleeping together (finally).
    However, before the birthday celebration, the whole relationship was ruined by a single phone call from a girl Dawson was seeing.
    This was totally heartbreaking for Joey, knowing that all summer Dawson was actually with another girl. She of course decided to let Dawson go and to go on with her life. Everytime when they finally get together, there is always something else that break their relationships. This is a way to get viewers to watch more and keep waiting until something really happens between them which will never get them apart.
    So ... do we need to wait forever, and then ... what happens? They never get together again?
  • Joey and Dawson finally have their moment of intimacy only to have it ruined later by Dawson's LA fling calling him.

    This is a great episode in the beginning because we see Dawson and Joey all aglow not just from their night of intimacy but mostly from just being together again. This is ruined when Joey, on her birthday, finds out that Dawson is seeing someone in LA and that he broke up with her the morning after they had sex. Joey decides that even though she wants more than anything for them to be together but she doenst feel like they should be together because she feel so betrayed by Dawson. The ending is very sad and painful because you see where they are dying without the other one and very hurt by what happened and once again, all that they worked for is lost.
  • Dawson and Joey finally sleep together and try to rekindle their relationship only for it all to be ruined when a girl Dawson had been seeing in LA called his mobile and it emerged that he had dumped her the morning after he had slept with Joey.

    Joey does my head in sometimes! She never seems to know a good thing when she has one. After dumping Dawson the first time, having various hangups about sleeping with Pacey and nearly losing him over that, and after ruining her chances with Charlie, she now has messed up her chances at having an adult relationship with Dawson over a casual relationship he was having with a girl who he had already dumped by the time she found out. Silly girl! Hopefully things will eventually happen for them but I'm sure good old Joey will find some way to mess it up again!
  • why can't they relise that there ment to be

    The love continues with this episode I love Dawson and Joey in this episode this is why there meant to be. When they had dinner at Dawson movie set it was sooo cute. Plus how he the only one that remember (that what's she thinks). I the first scene when there in bed together was perfect. It shows in this episode it shows there in love. Until the phone rings when she see Dawson phone without any time to react Audrey tells her about the party. I was so upset when they stared to fight it was soo meant to be I never thought as Dawson doing anything like that. When they were fighting I think I was a great fight between them. Dawson fight back well with the truth. I just wish that Dawson phone never rang it was such a good episode until the fight. When they showed Dawson waiting while Joey was in the bathroom crying I being to cry. I don't understand why she says she wanted it but then she didn't want to save what they had. I felt so bad for Dawson for Joey to do that. When he left and they both went to place their hands on the door I was screaming at the TV to open it. Yes Dawson did a bad thing but Joey done worst to him. I think that every time I see this episode I gonna cry at the ending