Dawson's Creek

Season 4 Episode 12

The Te of Pacey

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 17, 2001 on The WB

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  • It's Pacey's birthday and his has bad news for the whole family. Dawson and Gretchen have trouble defining their relationship. Jen's on her last hours of community service.

    Happy 18th Birthday Pacey. Another good episode of Dawson's Creek, except for the fact that I don't like Pacey's family. Let's start off with Dawson and Gretchen. They are supposed to go on their first real date, but since it's Pacey birthday they are post-poning. To be honest the episode was a little boring. I mean, I like in all that Gretchen and Dawson are a couple, but didn't everyone already know, that something was going on with them. It was obvious, so why get so upset. I thought everyone was "Ok" with it. Anyways I really don't like Pacey's family. I even hate the fact the Pacey's mother can't get one name right. I mean come on, her name is Joey, it's not a huge town, I think she can remember it. Now here's where I give this episode something positive and reason to why it's a 7/10. I like the story that Gretchen told about Pacey defending her. I like when Pacey told everyone that he didn't get into college. I liked the moment he had with his father when he told Pacey that he didn't get into police college. Jen has 5 hours of community hours. That guy that's the leader of that group is such a jerk. I really hope that Jack and him don't become friends. I don't know what Jen sees in that guy. Another reason why I give this episode a 7/10 is the conversation Jen had with Grams. So anyways I give this episode a 7/10.
  • Happy 18th birthday Pacey! The curse lives on.

    It was always made abundantly clear that Pacey had massive problems with his family but this episode really kind of explains where a lot of what Pacey is comes from and really shows just how devestating his whole family can be to him. And on his birthday of all days. When Joey gets a little big shanghied into letting Pacey's mother throw him a surprise eighteenth birthday party Pacey must contend with so many horrible things. Not only is he dealing with the prospect of his sister and Dawson becoming a couple and the ever hurtful development that his backup college didn't even accept, but he must spend the whole night with his family constantly berading and belittling him time and time again and all he can do is sit there and take it. And boy are they cruel, even his mother and father. That parents could be that hurtful to their own son without even really realizing it is so devestating and Pacey is the one who has to take it. It really explains why Pacey thinks so little of him self most times, why he thinks he doesn't deserve what he wants, and why he doesn't feel he can do any good with his life. It's what he's been taught to think of himself his whole life by the people in this world who are supposed to love him and have faith in him the most. I just can't imagine how that feels. This episode is really fantastic.
  • Witter family amazingly stupid, funny and mean.

    In this episode Pacey celebrates his 18th birthday. The curse of Pacey's birthday shows up. The Witter's are the family you find crazy but they say some funny outragous things that you can't believe they say. I liked how Pacey's dad pulled through and said a good moment instead of all the other bad ones of Pacey. Gretchen won't tell Dawson where they stand which makes Dawson mad but oh well. The show was just a normal Dawson's Creek episode with nothing special or out of the ordinary. Be sure to watch Dawson's Creek everyday because it's so amazing!
  • Pacey's birthday is in this episode. He is relucatant to celebrate it due to miserable birthdays in the past. Neverthelesss, Joey holds a surprise party at him at his house where secrets are revealed.

    This is one of my favorite episodes. It really examines the relationship between Pacey and his father and gives us a glimpse into Pacey\'s family life. Perhaps this is the last time that we will examine it in this season. Every time I watch this episode, I feel good inside and am reminded of why I love Dawson\'s Creek so much.
  • Poor Pacey!

    We always knew that Pacey's home life had to be bad, but this episode just magnatized how much. He just wanted to spend a quiet birthday with his girlfriend, but instead get taken to the suprise party from Hell. I just felt so bad for him.

    His mother didn't remember his favor dish and made his brothers instead. She didn't even remember Joey's name. His family kept bringing up bad memories, mainly ones that showcased him as the family loser.

    Then he sees Dawson and Gretchen making out like nobodies business and all he wants to do it sit down with Joey and tell her how he doesn't think he is going to make it through high school. It was all very sad. Finally, he storms out, only to be comforted by his father, of all people.

    This episode showed us where Pacey got his low self esteem, which ruined his relationship with Joey in the long run.

  • When it came to Pacey's birthday ,he was not really happy at all. All in all when Joey give him a birthday party you can see how much he didn't like being there. When Jan was talking to her grandmother you could see how fuuny it was.Tobey likes Jack.

    When I saw this episode I thought of how much Pacey has to do you he is with his family. Also you can tell that no matter how much he does it is never good enough for his family. I thought that this showed not many people have a family who they can turn to . When I saw Jen ask Tobey to come to the party with her you could see many reasons not to come.I thought that was very funny because of how much he said the words "he's perfect".This episode is just a freally good one.
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