Dawson's Creek

Season 4 Episode 3

The Two Gentlemen of Capeside

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 18, 2000 on The WB
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Pacey is happy for his good grades, and decides to sail for celebration. Dawson, Joey and Drue are assigned together for a project and Joey can't go with him. Instead, Pacey takes Jen with him. What they didn't know is that a huge storm was coming and suddenly they have to face it. Andie is having an interview with Drue's mom for college, but her medical records get in her way. Mrs. Valentine worries about Andie's mental stability and denies her the spot. When the storm gets bigger, Andie takes control of the situation and guides everybody to rescue Jen and Pacey, who admit to each other their biggest regrets in life. Jen regrets never being in love, despite her feelings for Henry, and Pacey regrets the destruction of his friendship with Dawson. Dawson and Joey go on a small boat to rescue them and Dawson saves Pacey's life. He apologizes to Dawson for all his attitude over the past months.moreless

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  • Pacey gets a good grade and decides to celebrate by taking Jen on a boat trip. All goes well, until they get stuck in a thunder storm and Joey and Dawson have to go rescue them. Andie takes control of situation proving she has more than a mental illness.moreless

    Excellent episode! Awesome drama in this episode! I liked Joey and Dawson's debate at the beginning of the episode. Congratulations to Pacey for getting an A! To celebrate he and Jen take the boat out, as Joey is working on a project. Pacey and Jen get stuck out in the rain/thunder/almost hurricane storm. I like Pacey's confession of regretting of what happened to him and Dawson. I loved how Dawson knew exactly where Pacey would be and I loved that Pacey knew Dawson would know where he was. I like the ending with the conversation between Pacey and Dawson. It looks like they are going to try and be friends again. I like Andie a lot in this episode. I love how she took control of the terrible situation she was in. I liked how she stood up to the Yacht Club lady. I love Grams in this episode too, how she stood up for Dawson. I also felt a little sorry for her because she was almost in tears. I thought the little part with Jen and Drew at the end was interesting because they knew each other. So did Jen set something on fire in New York?? Or was that like a metaphor or something? Anyways I give this episode a 9/10.moreless
  • Dawson does the right thing whether he really wants to or not. He gets critized for being straight-edge all the time but he is reliable.

    The only reason why this episode didn't get a 10 is because they made Pacey way too irresponsible and that is not believable with all the experience he had over the summer. They would've been better off with him ignoring the reports then leaving equipment behind and using batteries for other things (listening to music) then for safety purposes. Anyhoo, it was cool that when Pacey was in trouble he had confidence that his Best Friend Dawson would know where to find them and help. They still don't come to a "happy" ending but they do talk about how they feel after the incident and that is a positive step in their friendship. This Dru guy is obviously going to be a jerk to Jen. I'm sure he'll be causing trouble in the future.moreless
  • Dawson the hero of the day?

    Lets start with something bother me on this episode: Is it a bad idea sail out in the ocean (!) without seen any forecasts? Yes, it is! Is it also a mistake while beginning storms in the ocean do nothing? Yeah, of course! So why a person which sails out in the ocean for three months and must having enough experience made this, when he bears responsibility for a guest (Jen)? Clearly for only one reason: We wanna see how selfish Dawson became the hero of day!

    So why I gave an 8.4 rating? I will explain it: After seeing “Coming Home” and “Falling Down” I waiting every little moment for the situation Dawson and Pacey have to speak to another. Especially in that moment we will see that Dawson and Pacey are closer to each other than they think to be. Dawson know where Pacey can be found and Pacey is sure that Dawson will find them…

    Pacey wont leave his “True Love” while they were rescued. I think we have to vulgarize that he connects with the “True Love” his true love Joey and his happiest time ever. Dawson does not accept this and won’t leave him alone, what is the determining sequence for the next time. In point of fact we can see while Pacey come over to thanks for his help, Dawson shows that it is only a little question of the time before they move on to best friends again. Whether the last impulse for jumping into the motorboat were given by Joey, it is Dawson, who make it all possible.

    In conclusion I have also to face the great, realistic and intersting play of a little poor and imaginary story.moreless
  • A fantastic example of the Dawson-Joey-Pacey triangle. Also, a great introduction to Drew, the new Abby Morgan of Capeside!

    This is such a great episode! Pacey and Jen are pondering the regrets of their life while tossed around the sea, and Joey and Dawson head out to save them. Drew is a great addition in the fourth season and we learn of Jen's connection to him and his home town. The best part is when Pacey suggests that he and Jen head the boat towards a cove that he can't remember the name of. The wind and waves are dramatically crashing on the boat while Jen yells "Who the hell is going to find us there" And Pacey yells back..."DAWSON....,Dawson will know"! Wow! So meaningful since they haven't talked since Pacey stole Joey away for the summer! In conclusion a great adventure episode with a glimpse of hope in the end for Pacey and Dawson's friendship!moreless
James Van Der Beek

James Van Der Beek

Dawson Leery

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes

Josephine "Joey" Potter

Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams

Jennifer "Jen" Lindley

Joshua Jackson

Joshua Jackson

Pacey J. Witter

Kerr Smith

Kerr Smith

Jack McPhee (recurring Season 2)

Meredith Monroe

Meredith Monroe

Andrea "Andie" McPhee (recurring Season 2)

Chris Marshall

Chris Marshall


Guest Star

Steven G. Tyler

Steven G. Tyler

Harbor Master

Guest Star

Mark Matkevich

Mark Matkevich

Drue Valentine

Recurring Role

Harve Presnell

Harve Presnell

Mr. Arthur Brooks

Recurring Role

Carolyn Hennesy

Carolyn Hennesy

Mrs. Valentine

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Goof: When the storm hits the Yacht Club, Andie takes charge and tells Mrs. Valentine to call Dawson's and Jen's families. However she forgets about Joey and Pacey, who are in equal trouble.

    • When Pacey and Jen take shelter at the cove to wait out the storm, they remain on the boat. Being in a cove and close to the shore, it would have been more logical that they would have swam a few feet to get to solid land or to the jetty that can be seen close to the cove instead of risking being drowned inside the boat.

    • Goof: Early in the episode, Pacey indicates to Joey that he has received his first A. In fact, this is not true. Pacey received his first A back in Season 2 in the episode Sex, She Wrote in which he shows an A on a history test to Andie.

      Note: This could mean that Pacey got his first A of the school year which has just started. As this is the 3rd episode of the season and just the 2nd episode where the kids have been in school it could be understood that it is the first A for Pacey of his senior year.

    • Mr. Brooks says that the coordinates Dawson gave him are 12 miles north of Kalispell, Montana.

      Kalispell is Michelle Williams' hometown.

    • Goof: Magically stopping fan.

      -In the beginning of the episode, as the opening credits still roll, the camera pans in and you see a small, oscillating fan on top of the fridge... and it is running at a high speed. As Jen and Grams converse, the camera pans from the hallway (where they are) back to the fridge and you can see the fan is now slowing down and stopping on its own! Who turned it off?!?! The camera angles change a few times and the fan is clearly stopped.

      -At one point, the fan is missing from the top of the fridge: after the camera is on Grams and she's moving towards Jen (after Jen closes the fridge door), look at the top of the fridge where the fan had been in other camera angles... it is not there any more.

      Goof: No fridge light when Jen opens the fridge.

  • QUOTES (37)

    • Pacey: You and I both know that what you did yesterday...
      Dawson: ...is exactly what you would have done.
      Pacey: Maybe, maybe not.
      Dawson: Trust me. You would have done exactly the same thing.

    • Jen: Drue Valentine in Capeside. God helps us all.

    • Grams: All my talk of faith and when I need it most, I have none.
      Jen: That's cause you lent it to me. Listen, I was terrified out there tonight. But I still had hope, you know? So I figured I must have gotten it from somebody.

    • (To Dawson)
      Mitch: No matter where your life takes you, you can look back on it and know you did a great thing. That's something that all the girls, all the thank yous in the world can't replace.

    • Mitch: Just doesn't seem fair, does it?
      Dawson: What's that?
      Mitch: That you saved the day, you still don't get the girl. Though maybe, just maybe you've done something more important.

    • (About Dawson)
      Joey: You knew he was going to come for you, didn't you?
      Pacey: What makes you say that?
      Joey: Cause you know him just as well as he knows you. It's the nature of best friends.

    • (To Pacey)
      Joey: Can you do me a favor? In the future when you're dealing with life and death matters... remember that you're thinking for two.

    • (To Mrs. Valentine)
      Andie: At the end of the day, Mrs. Valentine, I'm nothing like you. I don't derive any pleasure in wielding whatever little power I have over others. So, you know what, just give me whatever recommendation you see fit, because if anyone at that university knows you half as well as I've gotten to know you, it's not going to count for much, anyway.

    • Mr. Brooks: What else did you have in mind besides reckless regrets?
      Dawson: I have some money from the summer that I was saving for college.
      Grams: Which is exactly what you'll keep on doing. That boat, is a thing, a replaceable thing. This young man risked his life to save my granddaughter. And the fact that you can't appreciate his courage explains to me while you've lived all alone all these years in that God forsaken house. And if I found out that you let him dip into his college fund, I will personally... kick your shriveled old butt.

    • (To Dawson)
      Gale: Honey, what you did was reckless, dangerous, and completely foolish.
      Mitch: And we've never been more proud of you in our entire lives.

    • (To Pacey)
      Dawson: People care more about you than you care about this damn boat!

    • Pacey: I regret the way that things are between me and Dawson right now.
      Jen: Have you ever thought about saying something?
      Pacey: What difference would it make to say something? It doesn't change any of our situations.
      Jen: Well, it might just feel good to say.

    • Jen: There's nothing you would want to change? Nothing?
      Pacey: No. There's nothing I want to change because it's life's little twists and turns and bumps and bruises that make you who you are. So why regret that?
      Jen: Alright, well, I have a regret. I regret that I've never been in love.

    • Pacey: I don't know, because I'm guessing, just like I've been guessing about everything else this afternoon. But sooner or later I gotta be right about something. I mean, that's the law of averages. Right? I have to get one right.

    • Jen: Okay Pacey, tell me something good. I really want to hear something good right now.
      Pacey: (Patches a hole) Well, if you're going to have a hole in your hull, it's good to have one up that high. That good?

    • Mr. Brooks: They stole my boat?
      Andie: No, I'm sure they didn't steal it. They probably just borrowed it.
      Mr. Brooks: Semantics. Like the difference between jail and prison.

    • Joey: Dawson, you can't solo the open seas. Not in this weather.
      Dawson: Joey...
      Joey: Look, I can't worry about the both of you!

    • Dawson: Do you know if there's a boat I can borrow around here?
      Joey: I think Mrs. Valentine has a spare set of keys to all the boats at the club.
      Drue: (Walks in holding a set of keys) Which is why it's always a good idea to be nice to Mrs. Valentine's little boy. Try slip 41, the Artful Dodger. Don't let the old geeze see.

    • Jen: We have no radio and we're heading for a cove that you don't know the name of. Who the hell is gonna find us there?
      Pacey: Dawson! Dawson will know!

    • Jack: (About the weather) Look, I came early. It's really getting ugly out there.
      Andie: (About the interview with Mrs. Valentine) Not half as ugly as it got back here.

    • Mrs. Valentine: I've been given the task of judging your ability to handle the ardent pressures of one of the most difficult, collegiate environments in the country. My name is on the line.
      Andie: You know what? You're right. My background does have a baring on my ability to handle pressure. I had a problem, I recognized that, sought treatment, and recovered. And the fact that I had the courage to face my problems and get help, I think only makes me better prepared to face the pressures of college than most of my peers.

    • Andie: I guess I would say that my greatest strength is my tenacity. Which is probably my greatest weakness, too. My brother Jack is always telling me I don't know when to quit.
      Mrs. Valentine: I see. But what about your illness? Isn't that a weakness?
      Andie: Nope. Actually, I consider it a strength. It taught me the importance to ask for help when something's too tough to handle on your own.

    • Jen: You'd never be first to admit it's getting scary.
      Pacey: This is nothing. I've seen this before.
      Jen: Where? In The Perfect Storm?

    • Pacey: If someone hadn't used up all the batteries of the portable marine band, we could have got the storm report.
      Jen: Yeah, well if somebody owned something other than Zeppelin tapes, 1-4, we wouldn't have needed the radio!

    • Joey: After ten years of friendship, what's done is done?
      Dawson: No, after the greatest betrayal of my life, what's done is done.
      Joey: Dawson, I was a part of that betrayal.
      Dawson: Yes, but you apologized for it. You already showed some remorse for what happened. Pacey could care less. Which is fine. It's just not the kind of person I'm going to race out and be friends with again. And it's time for everyone to just accept that reality and move on with their lives.

    • Drue: Must be the Star Wars thing.
      Dawson: Star Wars thing?
      Drue: It's classic. You're obviously Luke to this Pacey guy's Han Solo. See, you're the stuff of pre-teen daydreams. Cute, smart, non-threatening. Which is great and all, but not for Princess Joey here who's clearly smack dab in the middle of her bad boy stage.
      Joey: So how do you fit into this whole scenario, Dru? Jabba the Hutt, I think.

    • Jen: It must have been hard as hell to turn this boat around and come back to reality.
      Pacey: That's an understatement.
      Jen: You can just forget about the world out here.
      Pacey: Yeah, you can almost forget that your girlfriend is spending the entire afternoon with her ex-soulmate.

    • Dawson: Why does everybody treat me like my head is going to spontaneously explode every time her name is mentioned.
      Gale: Because it did.
      Dawson: Three months ago. Which in teenager time is like a decade. Joey's got her life and I've got mine.

    • (To Jack about taking pills)
      Andie: It is a little scary. But, it's just like Dr. Newman said, in times of high stress, it can't hurt to have an extra line of defense.

    • (To Pacey, about him and Dawson off Joey's comment)
      Jen: She's right, Pacey. One day one of you is gonna have to put an end to this era of silence.

    • Grams: Jennifer, I'm not so old that I don't remember how important senior fall term is.
      Jen: Old enough to call it fall term.

    • (Discussing about The 'Two Gentlemen of Verona')
      Joey: I think nothing about this topic is black and white, Dawson.

    • Jen: (To Pacey) Two things you should know: I absolutely refuse to make out with you. And there's a distinct possibility I'll puke.
      Joey: What do you know, Pacey? Those are my two things.

    • Pacey: I'm not leaving my boat!
      Dawson: You're not gonna make it!
      Pacey: I'm not leaving my boat!
      Dawson: I'm not leaving you! (Jumps onto Pacey's boat)

    • Drue: (Cell phone rings) Hello, hey gorgeous.
      Dawson: Unbelievable.
      Joey: Unacceptable. (Grabs cell phone) Hello, gorgeous is it? Hi, yes, this is Drue's doctor and he's gonna have to get back to you when the syphilis clears up, ok? Bye-bye.

    • Pacey: Jo, the best memories of my life are on that sail boat. They represent everything that is good to me in this world, so you've just gotta excuse me if I'm having a bit of a hard time letting all that go right now.
      Joey: No, I won't excuse you. I don't think I've ever been more scared for someone in my entire life.

    • Pacey: Look, I know that things between you and I are pretty much beyond repair right now. And, I wouldn't presume to be able to solve everything with a conversation 'cause that's just not the way it works. But, I've been wanting to tell you that I'm sorry Dawson. I'm really sorry for the way everything went down this spring. For my part in it, for the pain that it must have caused you. And... (Sigh) I'm really sorry that I ruined our friendship, because I miss it, badly. And, uh, however far off it may be, I do look forward to the day when you and I might be friends again... so until then.
      Dawson: Until then.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Most of the filming of the storm water scenes were shot in a pool at a cement factory, about 4-5 miles from the studio in Wilmington, NC. They were filming all night.

    • Mr. Brooks (Harve Presnell) is introduced in this episode.

    • Music featured in the episode included:
      I'm Gonna Make You Love Me by The Jayhawks
      Never Saw Blue Like That by Shawn Colvin

    • This is the third time in Dawson's Creek history where a "takeoff" on a movie is portrayed. Season one's Detention in which Dawson, Jen, Joey, Pacey and Abby all spend a Saturday in detention is a direct takeoff of The Breakfast Club. Escape From Witch Island was very similiar to the Blair Witch Project and this episode, with it's effects and plot is close to that of The Perfect Storm.


    • Jen: Yeah, well if somebody owned Zeppelin tapes, 1-4, we wouldn't have needed the radio.

      Led Zeppelin were an English rock band formed in 1968.

    • The episode title The Two Gentlemen of Capeside refers to the Shakespeare's play Two Gentlemen of Verona, in which two friends compete for the love of one woman.

    • Drue: Must be the Star Wars thing.
      Dawson: Star Wars thing?
      Drue: It's classic, you are obviously Luke to this Pacey guys Han Solo. So you're the stuff of pre-teen daydreams, cute, smart, non-threatening. Which is great and all, but not for princess Joey here who is clearly smack dab in the middle of her bad boy phase.
      Joey: And where do you fit in to this whole scenerio Drue? Jabba the Hut, I think.

      Reference to the movie Star Wars.

    • Drue: Gene and Roger have a fantastic energy but, uh, they're sort of all over the place.

      Refers to the film critics Siskel & Ebert.

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