Dawson's Creek

Season 4 Episode 8

The Unusual Suspects

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 22, 2000 on The WB

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  • Utterly brilliant, one of the absolute best episodes of the series


    For those like myself who found their interest beginning to wade in Dawson's Creek by the time the beginning of Season 4 came around, this episode was like a Godsend, a total reminder of why I fell in love with this show in the first place in it's first and second seasons primarily, not only because of the touching if at times overly dramatic portrayal of Dawson Leery, Pacey Witter, Joey Potter and the rest of the gang in Capeside growing up and dealing with the crazy mess that is life and growing up, but also because of the show's tendency to pay brilliant homage to famous films of years past, from the Breakfast Club to Kevin Williamson's own Scream and the films of Steven Spielberg. Being that film was always the career and life for Dawson's character and thus much of the show's subject matter as well, this episode provided another brilliant homage, this time to the Usual Suspects obviously. What's so great about it though is that while some shows would just settle for the general oddity of the situation itself (hence: sitcom), the writer's here were smart enough to actually pay an homage to the original film in the best way possible by writing a "perfect crime" that was just as unpredictable, clever, and shocking as the notoriously famous whodunit perfect crime that Keyser Söze came up with in the film this episode is paying tribute to. As if that weren't enough though we also have some fantastic moments of genuine bonding among some of the principal characters after having nothing but conflict for so long this season. Pacey and his brother come to find that they respect and admire each other, Jack and Jen begin mending the fence after the big fight over Andie's ecstasy overdose, the new character of Dru finally gets his comeuppance for some of his deplored behavior (and in a way his acceptance of that punishment makes you want to forgive him), Dawson reaching out to old man Brooks and refusing to let him throw Dawson out of his life like he has everyone else in his own life, and finally and most importantly Dawson and Pacey coming together for the sheer brilliance of [SPOILERS]pulling the prank off together[/SPOILERS] and bonding over the experience. This is where they truly begin the road to becoming friends again and forgiving each other, and as much as the Dawson/Joey and Pacey/Joey relationships get love the other relationship on this show that always was a part of it's appeal was the one between Dawson and Pacey, two intelligent and deeply compassionate kids who were both exactly alike and completely opposite in their own unique ways. Add in all of that added character development on top of the brilliant plot device and you've got yourself hands down one of the best episodes of the entire series. Brilliant.

  • Dawson, Jack, and Pacey are all suspected of pulling a prank. They all share stories of what happened that day, and it all leads to one person. Who could it be? Was it really that person who pulled the prank? Or is there a twist to these stories?

    This episode of Dawson's Creek is brilliant. Dawson, Pacey, and Jack are all suspects of putting the Principal Peskin's boat in the swimming pool, with "The Class of 2001" on it and with his dog in the boat. Let's start of with Dawson's story. He claims to be with Mr. Brooks. I'm glad that he's finished working with Mr. Brooks because I don't like him very much. But I think it's interesting that Dawson found out that he worked on some movies. Jack claims to be coaching soccer all night. That's awesome that Jen can work with him for community service. Those men are jerks for firing Jack. That poor girl Molly thinking it was all her fault. Pacey claims he spent the day with his brother. Anyways one thing that makes this episode brilliant is that all the stories led to Drue pulling off this prank. Finally, Drue gets what he deserves. 2 weeks of Suspension and hopefully we never see him again. The second thing that makes this episode brilliant is that Dawson, Jack, and Pacey actually pulled the prank and they set up Drue so it seem like he did the prank. I give this episode a 10/10.
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