Dawson's Creek

Season 2 Episode 14

To Be Or Not To Be ... (1)

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 10, 1999 on The WB

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  • A teacher makes Jack read his poem in front of the class.

    "To Be Or Not To Be ... (1)" is my favourite episode of season 2. The character Jack figuring out his sexuality in this two-parter is the best storyline of the season. It was so intense with how the teacher made Jack read his poem about a guy infront of the class. I love how Pacey stands up for Jack and spits in the teacher's face. It'd definitely one the most memorable moments for me in the series. I love the ending of this episode with Andie saying to Jack that she loves him and that she would accept him if he was gay I give this episode a 10/10.
  • summary provided in review

    This is definitely one of my favorite episodes. Since i first watched Dawson's Creek, I knew there was something special about Jack. Moreover, pacey has always been caring and understanding and he exhibits these characteristics when he stands up for Jack. Since tv.com requires at least 100 words or more on reviews, i am just going to paste the summary they provide: In a compelling two-part episode, the Capeside High School gossip mill kicks into overdrive after Jack bears his soul in a English assignment and is forced to expose his innermost secrets while reading the poem aloud in class, leaving Dawson, Joey, and Andie shaken by the implications of what it all means. Meanwhile, Pacey tries to defend Jack in the face of an adversarial teacher, and Jen finds her latest suitor Ty is full of surprises.
  • This is the first episode of Dawson's Creek that has made me cry...

    This episode was amazing... Pacey's storyline was really good today, I thought that him spitting in his teachers face was horrible but when he revealed at the end to Andie I cried. This heart felt scene was beautiful conducted and was believable.

    Another bit that made me cry was when Jack was forced to read his poem to the class. The struggle that was portrayed was immense to the fact that you forgot that it's a TV programme.

    This episode also reveals the bullying that can happen if someone is gay starting with the peers taunting and spreading rumours to vandalising his locker. This subject was one of the first to address this and I feel that it was done tactfully and tastefully.

    This episode was amazing and I hope that the future episodes live up to this standard. 10/10 =D
  • It's the beginning of Jack being gay and another teacher goes on the Mr. Tingle side

    I like how the writers had jack start dealing with his gay feelings by writing a poem and not knowing what it means. Everything else is just horrible. First how jack gets treated with the spray painted locker. At least Pacey was on his side from the beginning. The worst part of this episode is the teacher. The Mr. Tingle reference makes sense because teachers at this school seem to be able to treat students how they want. In real life today, those teachers would be fired or suspended and the show is sending a bad message in my opinnion. They showed all the students putting up with abuse. Just so you know in real life if a teacher demands you do something unreasonable, or insults you, or shares personal stuff in front of people like grades, you have a serious case against them. I understand they are playing stuff up to make a point, but a year before this episode aired, I walked out of a class because of how a teacher acted and I reported 2 others based on their attitudes and favortism of athelete students and those involved in extra-curricular activities. I just hope hope this episode affects people in a positive way to not be homophobic and to stand up for yourself like Pacey does. He should not have been punished. I'm not sorry he spit in the teachers face, but I wouldn't do that. What I would do is remember word for word what the teacher did and said and when and recall it all, that way they would be the one feeling the heat and not I. That's how I did it and everytime I ended up being treated better. I love how this show can really stir up emotions and that's what makes this another good episode