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  • Season 6 Episode 24: ...Must Come to an End (2)

  • Goof: During the audio commentary, Creator Kevin Williamson mentions that the kiss between Doug and Jack on the beach was "the second gay kiss in the show". However, it was actually the 4th gay kiss in the entire series: Jack kissed Ethan in Season 3, Tobey in Season 4, David in Season 6, and Doug in the Season Finale.

  • Goof: During the audio commentary, Executive Producer Paul Stupin mentions that Pacey and Joey went on an "epic journey on a sailboat all over the world.". However, they sailed from Massachussetts down the Eastern Coast to Florida and back again.

  • Immediately after Jen dies, Grams wakes up and guessing that something is wrong, she walks over to her and checks her pulse, using Jen's left wrist. A small clear mark can be seen on Michelle Williams' wrist, as a cue for Mary Beth Peil to know where to place her fingers in the scene, since Grams, being a nurse, is supposed to perfectly know.

  • Goof: Jen's room is full of flowers despite patients with a heart condition are never allowed to have flowers because of the high risk of infection.

  • Pacey rebuilds and owns the The Ice House, which was the restaurant Joey's family used to own until Joey's father burned it down.

  • This episode marks the death of Jennifer "Jen" Lindley character.

  • James Van Der Beek's mic wire is visible in the scene when Dawson and Joey are talking in the gardens after Jen's confession to Pacey.

  • Dawson: The opposite of death is birth. Life has no opposite.

    Dawson says that people always talk about life and death like they are opposites, citing the absurdity of that statement. While somewhat poignant, the writers should have caught this. The words have different meanings and tenses.

    -Life (the state of being alive)
    -Death (the state of being dead)

    Dawson probably meant death, as in the act of dying. That doesn't mean that life has no opposite. They would be opposites in this case.

  • Season 6 Episode 23: All Good Things... (1)

  • Goof: Although it's supposed to have passed five years, Joey's hair has still dark roots and a different color at the middle and down as seen during some episodes of season 6.

  • When Dawson is in his bedroom and hears a noise outside his window, he panics and grabs his laptop to use it as an improvised weapon. But it doesn't seem logical, because he knows that Joey is in town and she has been coming in through that window for years. And even though, it is highly unlikely that Dawson would actually use a very expensive Apple laptop as a weapon, seeing as he relies on it for his work as a Writer/Producer.

  • When Doug pulls over Jack, the creek behind him is empty throughout the scene. Then, for the last few shots before he drives off again, a sailboat appears in the background, literally out of nowhere.

  • Goof: When Jack is pulled over by Doug he claims that: "It's a deserted road". However, at that very moment the sound of car passing can be heard in the background.

  • At the beginning of the episode, when Joey is kissing Chris, her hand is down resting on the cushion but in the next shot of Joey, her hand is up on the back of his neck in a transition way too fast to be realistic.

  • When Jen and Jack are talking at the B&B, he picks her bottle of pills from her bag and asks her about them. She lies, telling that they are Grams' instead of her own medication. However, we can see Jack examining the label closely enough to have noticed Jen's name written on it.

  • When Joey has just arrived to Pacey's restaurant and they are watching Dawson and the others come, Joey's hair switches from being tucked behind her right ear to being hanging forward on her shoulders despite her arms haven't moved between shots.

  • Goof: When Jen is telling Jack about her illness in the hospital room and asks him to get in bed with her, she lifts her right arm to allow room for him. The tube attached to her arm at the inside of her elbow, is sticking up through the tape because it obviously wasn't inserted into Michelle Williams's arm for real.

  • When Jack is carrying Jen on his shoulder out of Pacey's restaurant, she bends her head down and looking at the roots, it is noticeable that her long and curly hair is real. However, this episode was filmed right after the preceding episodes in Season 6 (not 5 years later as the plot indicates). But in the later episodes of Season 6, Jen's hair was much shorter and straight, so it isn't possible that she could have grown her hair out that quickly. Was she wearing a wig when she had it shorter? It didn't look like it.

  • Goof: When Doug stops Jack for speeding, both vehicles have North Carolina state safety inspection stickers in the lower driver side windshields, as opposed to a Massachusetts inspection sticker, which would be on the passenger's side.

  • Pacey rebuilds and owns the The Ice House, which was the restaurant Joey's family used to own until Joey's father burned it down.

  • Goof: When Dawson arrives at home and is putting his bags down, we see him take his bag off his right shoulder twice.

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