Dawson's Creek

Season 4 Episode 7

You Had Me at Goodbye

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 15, 2000 on The WB

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  • I Loved Andie and she will be greatly missed

    Andie was a great character and will be missed. I loved her as she reminded me of me. This is the last proper episode with her in it and it will remain one of my favs!
    I especially love how the next episode takes a break from all of the drama and turns into a comic role. One of the best
  • Andie has the chance to go to Italy so she can have some time to relax. She has to make a decision and she invites everyone to dinner to share her decision. Joey has to choose between Dawson and Pacey to be her recommendation. Jen's life get's harder.

    No! This cannot be happening. My favourite character is leaving Dawson's Creek. Though I love the ending of this episode, I didn't really enjoy the whole episode. I felt like some of the characters were out of character. Let's start with Jack blaming Jen for what happened to Andie. He would never have blamed Jen like that. He knows her too well. I did like them making up in the end. I very much hate Drue. I wish he would just leave Jen alone. And now she has to do 100 hours of community service. Grams was out of character in this episode because she knows that Jen doesn't do drugs anymore. Jen was a little bit out of character because she could have spoken up more, but it's not like any of the other characters took time to hear her part of the story. That was the bad part so let's hear the good parts. Joey has to pick someone as a recommendation who's knows who she is. She has to choose between Dawson who knows her past, and Pacey who knows her present. I liked how Dawson refused not to do it, and I liked how Pacey kind of understood it. Anyways I love the ending. Andie's father tells her she could go to Italy for 6 months to just relax. I think she should definately take it because she deserves it but I don't want see her leave. I love how she brought everyone together. I love the speech that she made. I give this episode a 9/10.
  • andie's leaving.

    ANDIE: Thought I knew exactly how to start. Rehearsed it and everything. But now that you’re here and waiting and... staring at me... It shouldn't have taken a scheme to get you all here tonight. When my Dad made me the offer to take the rest of the year off, I sat down with a trusty number two and made a list of pros and cons. The pros were obvious, a chance to live in Europe. To get lost for an afternoon in a book that wasn't assigned or down a cobbled street that wasn’t on any map. The opportunity of a lifetime, right? But then came those nasty cons. And you know what got top billing? You. The biggest negative was leaving my friends. The ones who supported, consoled and understood unconditionally. But look at us now, we’re a mess. Let's talk about why... starting with last week's fiasco. Enough with the blame Jen game. If I don't, you shouldn't. Yes, she had it, but I took it. I got your pity and Jen got your wrath and that’s wrong because it was my fault. Don't you remember when we used to look for not run from each other? When we faced problems together -- we weren't the problem? What happened? Pacey... Joey... and Dawson. You guys are so lucky. Do you have any idea how rare it is to have friends who you've known for your whole life? I mean, you have a list of remember when’s that date back to the cradle. Please don’t underestimate that. There are still memories to create and that’s precious. 'Cause in the end you always turn back to who was there at the beginning. And at the beginning there were the three of you. And you two. This... it's inexcusable. One of the things that was keeping me here was the thought that if I left, Jack wouldn’t have a sister around. But then I realized, he would. It’s you. Maybe my leaving... maybe it will remind you that in six months, you all will be, too. Time's ticking. Your lives in Capeside are almost over, do you really want them to end this way? Because the only ones who can decide that are sitting at this table. When I first met you... I didn't know much about friendship... or love. Each of you taught me a lot about both. And maybe by leaving... I can return the favor. Because the thought of it ending like this... like... the way things are right now... it isn't... it’s not how I want to remember us. Do you?
  • A special episode that remembers two great characters!

    I really thought this was a \\\"Creek\\\" classic. Yes, on one hand it was very sad that Andie was leaving the show, but on the other hand, where was her character really going? Pacey was with Joey at this time, and Dawson\\\'s is way too boring for Andie, because as \\\"Creek\\\" characters go, Andie McPhee ranks up there as one of the best! I wished Andie could\\\'ve stuck around, but even I, a writer myself, could not think of a clever plot line for Ms. McPhee. I thought the best part of the ep, however, was at the very end when all the friends show up to meet Andie for a good-bye dinner. Little do they know, she has tricked them to all come together since their fall out (Dawson was not talking to Pacey and was mad at Joey and Jack was mad at Jen for giving Andie the ectasy) to try and mend their wounded friendships. Then Andie reveals her big secret when Jen and Jack start to argue about who is staying at the dinner and who is leaving. Andie yells, \\\"No! I am!\\\" Everything gets quiet, Joey cries, and some issues are resolved. It is a good wholesome feeling that you get, especially when you see Jen and Jack make up and even though you know that Jack is gay, they are definitely each other\\\'s soulmates (as we later find out) and then comes the tearjerker part-the picture of the 6. When Sarah McLachlan\\\'s \\\"I Will Remember You\\\" plays, the waterworks start! The group gets together for one final picture and at the last minute, sly Andie slips out of her position between Dawson and Pacey so they could be standing together. A perfect send-off to the character of Andie. One final thing, this episode was dedicated to the memory of David Dukes and he played the role of Mr. McPhee, Jack and Andie\\\'s father.
  • In my eyes, this was a great episode to feature the bondship between all the characters.

    In my eyes, this was a great episode to feature the bondship between all Joey, Dawson, Pacey, Jack, Jen, & Andie. Andie had a GREAT plan on how to get them all together one last time, before she left. I'm glad all of them made up, and it was just so special. And actually this was where my love for Dawson's creek windeled down, because of Andie's departure. However, I was thankful she came back for their graduation episode. I did watch the rest of the series because it's a must when your a DC Fan.

    I can't wait for the "Dawson's Creek" movie (hopefully), and hope to see Andie return on that as well.
  • Andy accepts her father's offer to skip the rest of senior year and spend it in Italy. Before she goes Andy manages to get the others to realize how special they are to each other.

    This is a transitional episode but there is no such classification. Andy has been central to the story line for two seasons and the writers had run out of things to do to her. If this was a daytime soap she could have goen into a coma but instead they wrote her out of the series by sending her to Europe.
    The story begins with friendships shattered. Jack in particular blames Jen for Andy's drug episode and the Dawson/Pacey split still exists. Andy gets all of her friends together to say goodbye and to repair friendships.
    We also gain new insight into Mr. Brooks who will become more and more important to Dawson.
    While not the most entertaining episode it does leave the viewer with good feelings.