Day Break

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 15, 2006 on ABC

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  • DeJa Vu

    I needed something else to watch as Prison Break and Heroes are about to go and their inter season breaks so I thought I would try out this new drama.

    I liked the pilot, it's definitely made me want to watch the next episode. I thought the acting was good and I think I could grow to like the main character.

    The story line of a good cop with a alibi being set up for murder is good and the fact that he can go back and re-live the same day to find out more about the set up is also a unique twist.

    The Pilot itself was a bit crammed full of detail but it needed to be to base a whole season on the ground hog day style show.
  • Day Break Episode 1.

    day one begains and it is like any other day but for the part that he is framed for muder of a lawyer named Garza and is put in Jail and then he is taken to a unkown palce and stuck with a needle thene he falls asleep and wakes up and it is the same day all over again that is what makes the frist episode so fun to watch as you get to see Hoper relive the same day for the 2nd time I like it better on day 2 then day one is because you get to see him try to figure out everything is going on again and see the look on his face is priceless the is mostly what i have to say about the very frist episode of Day Break THE END.
  • Great show so far!

    After the cancellation of Kevin Hill, glad to see Taye Diggs back in a tv show and hope this will last as long unlike his previous show which was great
    He plays a cop who will relive the same day over and over but he must find the real killer of an ADA when he is framed for the murder. Great action and great writing along with great acting. As he also most protect his loved ones in the process.
  • Solid.

    Pilots are always wierd because you always expect the show to live up to some ultra high expectation level that it can never truly reach. The first episode of this series was a good one and I think anyone that watched it would be stupid not to give the show a few more episodes. There wasnt a lot of the cool connections because they basically had to set "the day" up. Now that the first day is over we'll get to see the cool connections they can do to have him "change the future" or whatever you want to call it. Great new show I would think by just viewing the pilot
  • Brett: "You ever have a déjà vu?"

    Brett Hopper is having the worst day of his life. He has been framed for the murder of Asst. District Attorney Alberto Garza, and his only alibi (who also happens to be the love of his life) has been murdered. His sister is in immediate danger, and there is nothing he can do to protect her as he is trapped in jail and nobody believes in his innocence. There is a chance that he can make everything right, though, because Brett Hopper is reliving this same day over and over again.

    This is one of the most intricate new series to premiere this fall, and props go to the writers for developing such a complex mystery that will gradually be explained over the course of the season. The show is one big enigma, with so many unanswered questions and unexplored routes Brett can take each day that it can make one dizzy trying to contemplate it all.

    Taye Diggs does an excellent job with the role. Brett is the ultimate hero that the audience will constantly be rooting for. He's brave, rational, and a quick-thinker, but most of all: he's a fighter determined to discover the truth and save the ones he loves. The supporting cast is good as well. (I particularly love Detective Spivak.)

    "Just remember, that for every decision there is a consequence," Brett gets told by the mysterious man responsible for framing him. This part of the show is what immediately got me hooked; the idea that Brett's actions today carry on to the next version of the day. If he cuts himself shaving, the cut is still apparent the next day. If he receives a blow to the stomach, he still feels the pain the next morning. This makes the show that much more intense, knowing that if Brett dies in one version of the day he can't wake up alive in the next. Every different choice Brett makes each day also has a consequence on the people around him. He can choose to go the coffee shop and save a woman's life, or he can skip coffee that day and the same lady will end up severely injured in the hospital.

    Besides the main plot, there are many side stories as well. These include the history between Brett, his ex-partner Chad and his girlfriend Rita; Brett’s informant, Damian; Andrea and her internal affairs investigation; Brett’s sister and her abusive husband. With so much going on in addition to Brett’s big looming mystery, I suspect, or at least hope, the writers have plenty to fill their 13 episode order. I'm a bit wary that the gimmick might get old after a dozen or so times, but I am still very excited to see where the writers take the season; there are many different paths to be traveled.

    The (many) unanswered questions:

    - Why are the mystery men framing Brett for Garza's murder? From hence forth to be called the Garza Goons.

    - Why is Brett reliving the same day over and over again? What, or who, is causing that to happen?

    - Why did the "skinheads" hit Damian's safe house? Who betrayed Damian's location?

    - How did the police know so quickly about Brett dropping the gun into the Santo Monica Pier? Who's informing them?

    - Who are the Latin Disciples? Are they connected with the people framing Brett?

    Notes and Quotes

    - Andrea and Brett appear to have a distant relationship; very un-partnerlike. She didn't even know about his case with Damian.

    - What was the significance of the homeless guy in the police station both days? He gave Brett a strange look.

    - Chad: "To tell you the truth, it bugs you that she kept my last name doesn’t it?"
    Brett: "You need a breath mint."

    - Brett's Lawyer: "It's bad enough you’re in jail for murder, but did you have to kick the crap out of your brother-in-law?"
    Brett: "It felt necessary...and good."

    Brett: "Why do I get the feeling you know more than you’re telling?"
    Chad: "Because I do."

    Final Rating: Good pilot. 3 out of 4 stars.

    - Tim Bronx
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  • Decision...consequence

    Well, a new show started last week.
    I think I'll see every episode, this show has potential. I like the protagonist Taye Diggs, a young actor that I've already seen in Ally Mc Beal, Equilibrium and Chicago...his acting has to be refined, I think his style is a bit "robotic", not very expressive but he has time to improve...good to see Mith Pileggi back in action, I liked him in XFiles.
    As for the show, I like its style, I like the villains, the dialogues, scenes...great potential has I've already said.
    Lost will be on a long hiatus, but this show will offer a good entertainment for the next three months...I hope so...
  • Det. Brett Hopper has just landed in the day(s) from Hell. Even worse, the day keeps repeating. And only he seems to know about it.

    If the premise of a 'day keeps repeating' sounds familiar, it's because it isn't a new plot device. It's been done before in Groundhog Day, 12:01, and a smattering of other shows and individual one-shot television episodes like the X-Files and Stargate: SG1.

    Day Break takes things a step further. While it is once again a lone man being affected by the phenomenon, his life doesn't fully re-set each morning at 6:18 am in the warmth of his girlfriend, Rita's bed - when Det. Brett Hopper gets beat up, harmed, shot, etc., the pain and the bruises and the wounds remain the 'next' day. Which can certainly complicate an already complex matter.

    So far, he knows this: His sister's apparently suffering spousal abuse.

    A man named 'Damien' who was under Federal protection in a safe house wants a meeting with him at 9:00 pm.

    He's being framed for the murder of ADA Garza. His prints have been found on the murder weapon - the gun found in his closet. His apartment has been trashed. A package is supposed to have been sent to him, and should have already arrived in his mail box.

    His ex-partner has supposedly cut a deal to get the goods on him in exchange for relief from heat she's catching in an IA investigation.

    Once he's arrested, his current police partner seems to be only too happy to have him in custody. (See, Brett's partner's ex is the lovely Rita.) Brett's arraigned and held in custody without bail. That night, he's broken out by a mysterious group of thugs. Taken to a quarry of some kind, he's bound and left on the ground. A man approaches and demands he confess to killing ADA Garza. Brett's shown what will happen if he does not comply: on a laptop, Brett witnesses a video feed of Rita being approached in her car by a man armed with a silenced gun. In horror, Brett sees Rita assassinated. He is then showed further footage of his sister walking with her children...

    With the implied threat weighing heavily on him, Brett swears he'll kill his captors. Instead, 'the man' calmly informs Brett he's going to be given a chance to think about his actions and how he'll respond to the instruction to confess to the ADA's murder. He's told to think about DECISIONS and CONSEQUENCES as he's injected in the neck with a sedative...

    Only to wake in the morning next to a very much alive Rita.

    Brett is understandably confused, and at first believes he's just suffered a terrible nightmare. Until (familiar) news and traffic reports and daily headlines present themselves...He knows it's much more than simple deja-vu. And the pains that remain from the assault he suffered at the hands of the thugs that abducted him further puzzle him.

    This pilot was both engaging, exciting and unpredictable. It may very well get me to watch TV on a regular basis. The performances were outstanding by the leads and supporting cast, and I enjoyed the twist that Brett's injuries carry forward to the 'next' day. (Try explaining how you got SHOT to the woman next to you when she's pretty sure you've been with HER the whole night!)

    Brett knows running away won't 'fix' things. He's already tried that - with disastrous results. He knows (as we also know) he's got to build on the knowledge he has already obtained about this fateful day to get himself off this killer hamster-wheel. And maybe save some lives in the process. Don't know how long the writers can play this day-keeps-repeating card; we the viewers are going to start getting mighty fed up about what Brett knows, and with that stupid green digital clock every morning. But then, that means Brett's probably going to be pretty fed up, too. And what better way to make the viewers empathize...Hope it works in favour of the writing staff. I know I'll be tuning in for episode #2!
  • Its Time for a break from Lost with Day Break which Is full of action and everyelse.

    This Is defently a good Replacement for the time being Very action Packed well shot and written.

    Taye Diggs plays Brett whos framed for murder and at the end of the day he re does it again and unfortunaley he only has 24rs to figure it out His very very loyal girlfriend her ex husband who seems to be in on why hes having a Groundhog day. Bretts partner who has a secret but is also very loyal and His Sister who is getting abused by her husband at least I think.

    Overally Great Drama a few times I felt like it was lagging even though it was packed with action. I would assume it will only be for one seaosn but a great one it will be.
  • A welcome break from Lost

    I'm a huge Lost fan, and I'm sad to see it in hiatus. I am however thrilled by Day Break. It gives '24' a run for it's money in the serialized action dramas department. Taye Diggs is awesome in it. He makes it work. I didn't like the premise of 'Groundhog Day' without the comedic affect when I heard about it, but Taye pulls it off and shares the same incredulity at the situation. I didn't see any hints of the X-Files ominous powers that be until I saw the episode. They even have Mitch Peleggi in it too.

    I think they're actually going to try to explain how the 'Groundhog Day' effect happens. The 9ine was all hyped up beyond what the show really was. Instead, Day Break has even much more to offer than they advertised. Thanks ABC for something great to watch while we wait for the Lost season to come back.
  • This show has potential

    I think this show has some potential. I am still skeptical on how the show is going to turn. I loved this episode not only for all the action, but because it intrigued me to watch and see what is going to happen after each time he wakes up. You have a Agent named Hopper who is being framed for the murder of Disctrict attorney Graza and he must prove his innocence in order to save those he cares about. There is a group of secret men following his every move and are out to accomplish one purpose alone- That is framing Hopper. So each morning he wakes up with a fresh start and new ways to get himself out of trouble!