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  • above average but theres a reason why it tanked

    Theres not much to say about daybreak, it was a okay idea and it had enough to keep you entertained for a couple of episodes but that was kind of it. That's why its a good movie idea, a movie is only two hours this was suppose to last a season. I guess people got bored of the possibilities and tuned out. This is a pretty underrated show but it wasn't worth watching for too long because you knew it was going to get canceled. The acting, story and ideas were all there but something just tuned me out for awhile. Not a bad idea, but not that great of one
  • Entertainment for the mind that goes beyond the usual movie length and keeps you guessing in between...

    The only reason this show got canceled was because the viewers had to use their brains - and that is too much to ask of a consumer living of 'reality' & so-called talent shows. Throw something new into the soup and of course the ratings will plummet. This show is a trendsetter in it's own right and has proven to be true in that you put out new shows that expect the viewer to do more than just blink, drool and cheer they get bored and switch channels, or at least this is what happened in the US. In Europe the show was relatively successful and reached good audience figures (keeping in mind that it was just screened to satellite and cable viewers and not even half of Europe's viewers have those). Entertainment for the mind that goes beyond the usual movie length and keeps you guessing in between. Wake up people, it's time to think again!
  • One of the best action shows.

    Day Break was one of the best action shows ever to be seen on television. It's intelligent storytelling, fantastic characters and creative writing sold it all very well.

    The main conception of the show is that Detective Brett Hopper is framed for murder. Yes, but.... he constantly relives the same day over and over again, which gives him a chance to find out who wants to frame him and why.

    Each episode gives us new pieces of the puzzle and a new perspective. All 13 episodes have the same amount of suspense and mystery, that, makes this show what it is.

    Taye Diggs' portrayal of Det Brett Hopper is probably just as good as Kiefer Sutherland's portrayal of Jack Bauer. Guns look good in his hands.

    While the show's mythology(why is he reliving the same day) was not explained,you're not really going to except that. The reason for that is simply because eventually you'll realize it's just a plot element. And as I mentioned above, a great one.

    The show basically always ends with an amazing cliffhanger. In fact, this show is like pure adrelaine. There's no reason for you not to get this on DVD and watch it in a day. Trust me, once you put the disk into the DVD player, you won't be able to stop.

    This show offers something new. Something that eventually led to it's cancellation. Action show that's actually serialised with a complicated mythology.

    It's a fresh take on the genre, and I'm very very sad that it didn't last longer. There's just so much more potential left in it...

    But still. I bow down infront of the excellent Cast and Crew for giving us 13 incredible episodes.
  • Det Bret Hopper is framed for a murder, and he is also living one day continually over and over, discovering more clues to a larger conspiracy.

    The premise is not entirely new, but it is not really a sci-fi show. The aspect of living every day over and over is never really explained, but thats not the important part. The show is very fast paced with tons of action each episode. Each episode, Det. Hopper unveils a little bit more in a larger conspiracy against him, and about the people who framed him. I feel that this show is excellent as a standalone series by itself. I do realize that the show got canceled, but the end was very well made, and almost all of the loose ends are tied up. Anyone who like the action/adventure genre, 24, Spooks, should watch this show. It is excellent and entertaining to the last episode.
  • My second best faviored TV series Just after Band of Brothers

    the action , suspence was so good that it felt better than any of the prison break episodes.I know for some reason some people dont like this show,but for me it was amazing.

    I liked the ending and i also liked the fact that their was no second season also....

    also have to say teh standards of acting is very good. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - -
  • For every decision, there's a consequence. Each 'today' lived bring something new.

    What if you will live your worst nightmare and what if you'll get trapped in that nightmare? Detective Brett Hopper(Taye Diggs) from Narcotics Division of Los Angeles Police Department, is accused for killing of state attorney Alberto Garza, being captured by the police he tries to explain that he's being framed. Next day when he wakes up he realizes that it's the same day over and over again. Brett discover that the events that day changes only if his actions changes. In order to save his friends from getting killed and searching for evidence to prove his innocence Brett figures that he wasn't a good brother/partner/friend for those around him. Each day he knows it will be the same, but he doesn't know if he will wake to live tomorrow or it will live today forever. Each 'today' Brett discovers more dark secrets about people around him and in his run from the police, he receives help from his partner Detective Andrea Battle(Victoria Pratt), from Damien Ortiz(Ramon Rodriguez) his informant and from other people close to him.

    'Day Break' it's a nice TV-Show, each episode will bring something new into Brett Hopper's life, in each episode Brett will try to fight against those who are framing him and who proved to be people without any hold-backs and very resourceful.
  • I want to say Bring It Back but...i don't think this story could develop any further than this... so let's just leave it here

    it' pretty painful to see the first 3 episode... everything is repeated over and over again... waking up, the car, the apartment, i always want to skip those... and i almost drop the series but turns out they could change... the day is not always the same... they could change somehow... pretty interesting... this series feels like Prison Break with option...conspiracy... the whole government is concentrate to frame Brett...sound familiar? but Brett has option to change it because he live the same day over and over so he can change the plot...finds out how they react and effect the day... it could get worse or better...anything possible... a bit bored watch ep 11 when brett gave up and visit mexico 'everyday'....thank god at the end they open the secret even though they never explain how brett could repeat the same day over and over....i think this series is good overall but the story couldn't develop any further than this... if they approve the season 2, what it's gonna be?! they're going to ruin the first season... so let's stop here and make it remembered as one of the great action series
  • I watched every episode that was on tv.

    I watched every episode that was on tv. I tought it was a good show and really addicting. It had a great cast in it. I really liked the story line in it also. He was tring to fix what went wrong in each day and find out how to save his girl. I really wish could of finished airing the rest of it on tv, I would really like to know what happen. I guess I'll have to wait for it to come out on dvd. Well I guess now that I see everybody eles is now different shows. It's without a doubt that it won't make it back on the air. Which I think really sucks because I got addicted to this show. Well thats all I can think to say about this show.
  • GROUNDHOG DAY meets 24 to create a very entertaining show that was cancelled before its time.

    What can one say about DAY BREAK that hasn't already been said? A thrilling show that lasted only one season (although, in truth, it didn't even last that - it was pulled from the air half way through the season even though all of the episodes had been completed), DAY BREAK was 24 mixed with science fiction elements.

    The greatest thing about DAY BREAK was the wonderful Taye Diggs as Detective Brett Hopper who finds himself not only caught up in a conspiracy which frames him for murder but also cursed with reliving the worst day of his life over and over again.

    It's such a shame that this show didn't find an audience. The conspiracy which runs throughout DAY BREAk is wonderfully constructed and each episode reveals a little bit more of who is behind Hopper's woes and why. The gimmick of having Hopper repeatedly live out the same day is utilised perfectly and you share his frustrations at having won over a character's trust only for the day to reset once more.

    The entire season is available to download online. Luckily, the writers tie up most of the loose ends by the final episode and so it's worthwhile seeking this show out if you've never watched it. Fans of JOURNEYMAN and 24 will certainly find it of interest as it takes the time travel aspects of the first and marries them to the grand conspiracy plotlines of the second.

    Definitely worth a watch.
  • A quickly cancelled, "24-esque" show that repeats 1 day throughout the season and has the main character trying to fix the day. It had promise but never found it's audience.

    I watched 'Day Break' while it was on the air but it was quickly removed because of low ratings. This was ok because ABC promised to air the rest of the episodes online so that viewers could see how the season was meant to end. Sadly, it took until March 2007 for the series finale to actually be made available.

    Aside from these problems, the series managed to be actually entertaining. It managed to keep each episode fresh even though many of the same things kept happening. I wish ABC would have given this show more of a chance. It had potential to be a nice filler series during down times since each season (like 24) was mostly self-contained.

    In the end, the series managed to wrap itself up nicely. It answered the main questions posed by during the season and dangled a few things in the end that could have been examined more closely in another season. These things would help answer a few more questions but were not overly relevant and would leave most people satisfied in the end.
  • It's just simillar to Groundhog Day!

    I watched it, and it was a pleasure for me. Becouse i liked "Grounhog Day" a lot.
    It's different situation, different place, different person, but still ... the same idea.
    The cop who goes back to the same place and the same time very morning is a lucky guy, but how long it can be happening? It might have happend twice maby three times, but not for 13 episodes. On 5th episode it became borring in stead of the new facts were shown and the new informations were coming into light. Now I'm watching the 6th episode. What's gonna happen? Who knows? It will be nice if the day after comes ...
  • Daybreak was an action packed mind show. It had a strong plot with a lot of twists that kept you guessing. I was hooked from the beginning but was left hanging and wanting more after the last episode.

    I am not understanding why networks are canceling quality shows before they have a chance to prove their fan base. Bring this show back or at least finish it as a mini-series. The stars were strong and the story was good, you never knew how the day was going to change or what he was going to change during the day. If you're not going to finish the story then don't air it.
  • I know this review is a little longer than most, but if you have the time please read about how I think that ABC really dropped the ball (no pun intended) when they dropped this one!

    First, let me say as someone who never watches ABC, this show was finally breathing life back into a network that was drowning in corny comedies, evening soap operas, and dramas that make you wonder why they even try (Lost). How could they even think about dropping this show? I will give them credit and thank them for finishing it out online. Anything less would have just been wrong! This show was a breath of fresh air that had it all. It was action packed, dramatic, suspenseful, and even made time for laughter. The great actors and unbelievable writing staff managed to keep you on the edge of your seat for, lets face it, thirteen episodes about the same freaking day. Ground Hogs day got a little old and it was only two hours give or take. I especially enjoyed the fact that they could continuously make me go back and forth in hating and loving a character from one episode to the next in a way that didn’t manage to piss me off or make me puke. I have an almost annoying ability to figure out how the story is going to unfold way before the epic reveal of the deep seeded plot that was inconspicuously being feed to you the whole time. But I am happy to say that in this series I was pleasantly surprised and even taken back by some of the twist.

    On a cable box full of shows ripped off from one network to the next, this show was original in a way much like 24, only way more entertaining and not at all as predictable (and I say that as some one who Tivo’s every hour.) Not to steal a fellow reviewer’s line but it is some what reminiscent of Memento. By the way, if you like this show and have not seen it, I highly recommend it. I believe it is the same guy who did The Prestige which is also a refreshing break from the everyday.

    The one thing that I have found commented on in many other reviews is how to keep a show like this entertaining for more than one season. While I agree that I couldn’t do it, I think if anyone could, it would be the outstanding group of people this show has brought together. I will admit when I heard the premise of the show I thought it would be horrible, but they really won me over. Beside if 24 can do it, I think that the guys at Day Break are over qualified. Plus, let’s admit that while lingering questions are edgy, we all want to know who or what the heck was making that pesky day start over and over again.
  • Daybreak was better than I expected overall. The fact that it was canceled made it more of a mini-series and the format ended up working as a result. After all, repeating the same day for five seasons just wouldn't fly.

    Despite the similarity of the concept to Groundhog Day's, the application of the concept to an action/drama television series rather than a comedy feature allows it to feel fresh. If anything, the show can be accused at times of trying to follow the 24 format. The intro is a good example... the "My name is Brett Hopper" sounds like he went to Jack Bauer's school of acting. Even so, Day Break stands on it's own as an entertaining show.

    The pace was relatively fast, although the "Day 1" labels at the bottom confused me until I realized they meant days since the start of the episode, rather than from the start of Brett's "condition". There was enough action to keep things exciting, and every episode brought about a new plot twist. Some were pretty far fetched, but mostly the writers did a good job of weaving together an intricate story. In ways it reminds me of Memento, the way the protagonist has to piece together clues to figure out his life (or one day of it).

    The fact that things were relatively well wrapped up in the last episode gave real closure to the story, even though the some things are left unexplained. Instead of trying to overextend the plot to multiple seasons, Day Break was allowed to play itself out over thirteen episodes, and the timing on it ended up being just about right.
  • it's a good show, just too slow for me

    Day Break has the sick monotony of a fever dream: Buses smash, cheap souvenirs shatter, old nemeses bob to the surface, again and again and again. The ability to mimic the effects of a 3 a.m. Theraflu jag isn't a great sell for a TV show, and Day Break is tough to commit to. On one hand, the ABC thriller has a nifty hook: For some suspend-your-disbelief reason, L.A. cop Brett Hopper (Kevin Hill's Taye Diggs) is stuck reliving the same 24 hours over and over, Groundhog Day-style — and it's the day he's falsely accused of murdering an assistant district attorney.

    On the other hand, that means Day Break is yet another drama packed with ennui-triggering conspiracy theories. Hopper is being framed; Hopper's partner (Victoria Pratt) may be dirty (her hair mysteriously feathers and unfeathers from scene to scene, which is nefarious enough); and moments that don't work really don't work on second glance — like Hopper being threatened by the supersecretive Bad Guys in the middle of a massive quarry filled with spotlights, which seems to be an incredibly unprivate venue. On the third hand, this is one artfully cast show — the actors have a buoying effect on the ho-hummery. The versatile Diggs is something to behold in action mode: He kicks ass with such ease, the man should be handed the next big movie franchise immediately. Adam Baldwin (Serenity), as the fratty-square investigator out to get Diggs' Hopper, is sterling as usual, and as Hopper's girlfriend, Moon Bloodgood (Eight Below) actually renders viable the act of nagging while pulling a bullet out of her beau's shoulder with pliers.

    ABC is packaging the first two hours of the series as a special pilot episode — which is an even more repetitive disservice. It's not until the Nov. 22 episode that Day Break stops setting up its premise (with much wheezing and groaning) and starts having fun with it. That's when Diggs lands some lighter scenes — even action heroes can enjoy flashes of humor — and really starts displaying the leading-man charm that kept Kevin Hill afloat. Better yet, all the preordained situations start to twist as Hopper learns how to manipulate his day: For instance, each morning a cell-phone-and-designer-coffee type is destined to get hit by a bus if Hopper doesn't interfere. By day 6, he's figuring out how to save her without even getting out of his car. At its best, Day Break has a Choose Your Own Adventure feel (one of the really good Edward Packard ones) with Hopper as the adventurer: Go to page 78, your girlfriend dies; flip back, choose a different action, the girlfriend lives...but your partner rats you out. Day Break just needs to get those pages flying a little faster.
  • A quickly cancelled, "24-esque" show that repeats 1 day throughout the season and has the main character trying to fix the day. It had promise but never found it's audience.

    I watched Day Break while it was on the air but it was quickly removed because of low ratings. This was ok because ABC promised to air the rest of the episodes online so that viewers could see how the season was meant to end. Sadly, it took until March 2007 for the series finale to actually be made available.

    Aside from these problems, the series managed to be actually entertaining. It managed to keep each episode fresh even though many of the same things kept happening. I wish ABC would have given this show more of a chance. It had potential to be a nice filler series during down times since each season (like 24) was mostly self-contained.

    In the end, the series managed to wrap itself up nicely. It answered the main questions posed by during the season and dangled a few things in the end that could have been examined more closely in another season. These things would help answer a few more questions but were not overly relevant and would leave most people satisfied in the end.
  • This show can be called a copy, unless you have seen it. its not like groundhog day because in that film he was invisible. But in day break he can die, get hert and the next day when he wakes up he will feel the pain from the day before............

    This is by far one of the best shows i have ever seen, great idea, suprisingly very orignal and loads of action and one thing i have to point out is that it is more intense than 24. the best part about this show is that from the very start you start to see links and towards the end you hear more and more of the same names and they always show you flash backs incase you for got, 1 of the millon names. Another thing i like is that its not filled up with just white people or just black people, like you may i see in a lot of shows these days, its more muti-cuture. If you haven't seen this show and want to plese ask me and i will send you the information.
  • day break is a great thriller with very great actors maybe the idea isnt that new, but i can assure you its not a copy of anything else

    i just want to say that ABC network really treated day break very unfairly by cancelling it..
    it was really one of the best shows ABC ever made
    they could at least let the show air live till the end of its 13 episodes but to cancel it that way
    it was really cruel for such a good show like that
    anyway i enjoyed watching this show very much and i've waited the rest 7 episodes online everyweek to watch it and it was worthy
  • This is another thought provoking show that is really enjoyable to watch. The characters are fantastic.

    I live in the UK and have not missed an episode. It is a fantastic show. The plot keeps you glued to the TV week after week. The story line is great, watching each episode and trying to figure out how he is ever going to solve the case and why a murder years ago has made his life a living nightmare. I find it surprising that it was shelved in the states, this seems the case for many shows. It looks like if the show doesn't get a huge audience by the second show it gets canned. More please!!!!
  • A little bit copy, but is had its own +

    This show reminded me of a mix between "Groundhog Day" and "Early Edition" After the first episode I thought it was a very interesting story! But to keep a story surprising and exciting while this main character is reliving this particular day would be difficult! But after seeing the first six episodes I was sure this was a good action/drama with a very interesting story! I couldn't wait till the next episode! Yes,maybe it was a bit far fetched! But that was part of the fun! Also I liked the idea of getting the chance to correct mistakes you made! What really was brilliant that they showed the different paths and their outcomes,good or bad! This gave the show a very intelligent take on faith and destiny! This show made you think and keep you entertained! In my book that is called a hit. That's why I am really sad to hear that they canceled this great show! To me it's a big mystery that they keep on broadcasting boring shows like Law and Order and Stargate where they keep repeating the same themes over and over again and killing wonderful shows like this one! Thanks for this show,you made my day! Addendum: Good news!!!! ABC put out the remaining episodes from Day Break on their Website! I have been able to watch all the episodes! The finale was great! Not going to spoil it but it has a touching ending!
  • ABC cancelled one of its best shows!

    Day Break is one of the most original and exciting I've seen so far!
    Every episode gives you a clue of what is happening to Hopper, at least for the conspiracy side.
    Why did ABC cancel this show as it was only 13 episodes before giving us all the answers we're looking for? (which is quite ironical as it was lost's substitute...)
    In fact, I think this show didn't have the success it deserved just because you have to turn your brain "on" when you watch it, unlike these ******* reality tv shows that just are stupid...
    Thank you to ABC having aired it and streaming online now...
  • I thought this was an awesome show!! Someone please pick it back up!

    Great show, I miss it. It was one of the most innovative, face paced, thrilling, and mysterious and acclaimed drama series on television since.... I I I don't really know. Because there hasn't been anything like it on TV before. . .


    Detective Brett Hopper is having a really bad day, accused of killing Asst. DA Alberto Garza. He has an alibi, but no one believes him. When he realizes that he has been framed, he tries to run away but has to stop when he learns that his loved ones are also in danger. But one morning, he wakes up and relives the same day over and over again.
  • Shame on you ABC for dropping out this AMAZING TV show.

    To be honest, when I first decided to watch Day Break was because I saw a trailer for it and decided to have a look at the reviews on And it was a great surprise, its a extremely intelligent TV show, with amazing characters, and I must say, Taye Diggs did extremely well on his role of Brett Hopper, a man who was "trapped" on the same day over and over again, a day that never ends, and, this endless day, was a busy day for him, he was being framed for murder, and now he need to prove that wasn't him, the one who murdered a man, a D.A. named Alberto Garza. The thing about the show is, the day keep being looped 13 episodes of a interesting, VERY interesting puzzle. But, as a fan, I must to say that, the show had a problem, I imagine, and am sure that Hopper probably wouldn't imagine what, but, why was his day repeating? After watch some episodes, that question was forgotten, so, this big thing, the most weird thing of the show didn't have an answer, that might scared some people away from the show, but still, watch it, you wont regret.
  • a show about an officer named brett hopper and how he has been framed for the murder of someone named alberta garza and he has to solve the murder. the twist is that for some reason he relives the same day untill he finds out who the real murder was.

    an unbelievable show. a lot like 24 but in a totally different. taye diggs plays the role of brett hopper superbly. with each new episode brett has a new lead that he must follow and figure out how the lead is somehow connected to the murder. each day he realises that this is a big conspiracy and somehow he is stuck in the middle of it. it was just a shame that they cancelled the season halfway through the series. i think that this could have become an excellent drama show with a day to day series instead of the same day. the actors were excellent and the storyline was well written. definatly get this on dvd when it is realesed.
  • epi 13....was OFF THE HOOK....the story doesn't end...are they going to do a season 2 on dvd....? Chad does that Domiguez dude...and the guy from the motel....something else can happen...a whole new season. BRING I

    9.5 epi 13....was OFF THE HOOK....the story doesn't end...are they going to do a season 2 on dvd....? Chad does that Domiguez dude...and the guy from the motel....something else can happen...a whole new season.


    Day great show that was not given a chance. If ABC (the stupid primetime network which replaced this great show with a STUPID comedy) never picks it up....give the show a chance on other networks like CW, TNT or TBS. Those networks always air great shows like "CHARMED". I give high props to the writers of this was like watching a movie...but two hours in a theater does not give the plot justice. The writers are AWESOME, the episodes were cliff hanging...the ending suburb...and left us with open doors to new ideas. Bring the show back and put it on DVD with new seasons to come. With the exception of Heroes...Day Break ranks over Grey's and House totally.
  • My review after seeing all the episodes, spoilers included

    I'd first like to thank ABC for making the final episodes available for viewing on the web. When reviewing one of these complex twist and turn serial dramas, what's most important to me is that I can go back to the beginning and see that all the character actions make sense, there are few loose threads, and that the top dogs were introduced early on. I have to give the writers credit for including the evil attorney in a small part early on. But there were also some high profile omissions at the end that seemed really important from some early episodes. The storyline about Hopper's injuries continuing till the next day was dropped after about the forth episode. A guy named Baxter appeared to be pretty important early on, but never is on screen again, and I can't figure out his storyline's ultimate resolution (It's possible I missed something there, but I doubt it). There was a lot of focus on the quarry (and needles) early on, it was such an odd setting that you would think it was in some way important to the plot, but that was forgotten about. The resolution to the 'crazy' former bond trader's storyline was unsatisfactory (not that I think a satisfactory resoultion could be written). Most of the characters were written in a believable way, some exceptions would be Chad (he helps Hopper too many times, and gets killed too many times thoughout the early episodes to make his finale reveal as an insider credible), Nick and Hippo (they save Hopper's life a couple of times then turn out to be bad guys, Huh?), Damion the informant (why does this young guy know everyone?, why am supposed think he is a good guy?). The storyline in the two episodes near the end, just after Hopper went on the multiday vactaion, was confusing and seemed like filler. The storyline about the mysterious 'crying man' killer made no sense (he stays in jail till someone needs someone killed, then he is allowed out to kill them, then he voluntarily returns!, yea right). But the biggest plot problem I see is: Why would this vast network of people go to such trouble to frame Hopper for this murder? Why surveil Hopper for weeks prior to the murder and rent the apartment above him? They could have had Crying Man kill Garza, and just left it as an unresolved homicide. If they did want to frame someone, they could have chossen a million less capable, more frameable, people.

    For those that don't want to watch the final episodes but want to know who were the bad guys and who were the good guys, I can sum it like this: pretty much all the whites guys are bad, pretty much all the minorites and women are good, somewhat of a modern Hollywood cliche.
  • I was totally hard broken when ABC took the show off the the air with no warning. This is truely one of the best written action packed show.

    It is the best show that was out there. Bring it Back.

    It is in my book up there with 24. ABC once again has done the wrong thing cut off there chance to have a show calabure of 24 which has been on seven seasons. I have watched all the shows on-line and waiting for final show. I wish they would bring it back just don't put in the Lost's time spot. that was the death of the show because the Lost's following thought it would take it's place. People that like Lost didn't like Day Break and the Day Break people don't care for Lost. ABC needs to know that and recondize.
  • I loved the show and was upset when I heard about the cancellation.

    The show was amazing. When I first heard about it I wondered how they would make the same repeating day concept work, but to my amazement..they did. They did a very good job. I do not know why it was cancelled and wish that it would come back with a season 2.
  • It's a shame to have ended this show!!

    It's a shame to have ended this show!!

    A great idea from a great movie ( Groundhog Day ) as come !! Here the idea was given to us in a great way. The actors and the making was great to.

    I don't understand why they have canceled this show, like many others. If we look here (at we can see the score of this show is above average, so?

    I discoved it by chance, not by any publicity. A bad avertisign ?? Or a bad time / day of diffusion ??

    So, give us back this show, NOW !! ! !
  • I'm glad is posting the final shows online.

    I didn't absolutely love this show, but I did like it, so was bummed to hear it was canceled. However, kudos to for posting the final unaired shows online.

    In the past, I've had to search the Internet for unaired episodes of TV shows. I remember last year, it was a short-lived show called "Eyes" and I had to find New Zealand network broadcasts of the last 5 episodes.

    Let's hope this starts a trend for unaired shows, because this is the first time I've heard of this happening.

    Looking forward to the final two episodes of the series. Last night's and next week's.
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