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Day Break

ABC (ended 2006)


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  • a show about an officer named brett hopper and how he has been framed for the murder of someone named alberta garza and he has to solve the murder. the twist is that for some reason he relives the same day untill he finds out who the real murder was.

    an unbelievable show. a lot like 24 but in a totally different. taye diggs plays the role of brett hopper superbly. with each new episode brett has a new lead that he must follow and figure out how the lead is somehow connected to the murder. each day he realises that this is a big conspiracy and somehow he is stuck in the middle of it. it was just a shame that they cancelled the season halfway through the series. i think that this could have become an excellent drama show with a day to day series instead of the same day. the actors were excellent and the storyline was well written. definatly get this on dvd when it is realesed.
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