Day Break

Season 1 Episode 4

What If He Can Change The Day

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 29, 2006 on ABC

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  • What a mind twisting show!!

    God this is a great show!! When it started I thought they weren't going to be able to keep it interesting. Boy was I wrong! It's interesting, exciting, original, well written and superbly performed.

    The best thing is, it keeps your mind working! It's not just the main character that needs to memorize things, we need to do it also! I love feeling like I'm part of the story, trying to sort out what's really happening, and always being surprised by the turn of events. I love how the same characters react diferently when facing similar situations. Just one diferent word, and everything changes... Brilliant!

    I hope it doesn't get cancelled!! I'm starting to feel very frustrated!! Why are they cancelling great shows and keeping crappy ones??
  • Wow!! I REALLY liked this episode. Very revealing. Episodes like this one keep me coming back week after week. Awesome. I wish the show was getting more promotion on ABC. I didn't even know about this show until I was just channel surfing one night.

    I bet the last few minutes of this episode were trying to hint that Andrea was ALSO experiencing what our main character was experiencing: Daily Deja Vu. Each week we get another piece of the puzzle and the show sort of invites us as viewers to figure out what each event will lead to. The cast is great and our leading man is very believable. I hope the show will catch on. Maybe word of mouth will be way to do it because ABC still seems to be hesitant about giving it a LOT more promotion. Let's get the word out.
  • An awesome chapter in which we get to learn the consequences of Brett\'s actions. Also, Andrea\'s character is developed which was pretty cool.

    I just loved the chapter, because it wasn\'t also about repeating the they and trying to see who framed him, he stopped being selfish and decided to help Andrea. Doing this, we get to learn something really really important, he CAN change the day, so he would have to mend different things so his day can be easier so he can find out who framed him.
    Also, in the last scene in the car we learn things about the photo, Brett\'s dad, and Andrea\'s boyfriend so I can get to only one conclusion: everything is related. And I love that.
    Lastly Andrea\'s character is developed, her personal life and else, so it was really interesting, and I have to admit that Victoria\'s performance was excellent.
    Waiting for more new stuff on the show like changing the day.
    till next Wednesday.
  • What can I say, I love this show.

    This show is great and this episode introduced another new element to the show. Brett actually changed something. He woke up to get a phone call from Andrea. It appears that he resolved an issue in his crazy chaotic day. I was just as shocked as he was when that phone rang. I was so used to his routine of sneaking up out of bed and pouring the alcohol on his chest wound, then leaving, giving Rita a good-bye kiss and then *RING*. He changed something. Of course there was some character development involved, we learned a lot about Brett's relationship with his sister and their parents. Brett also got to take out some of his frustrations knowing there wouldn't be any consequences the next day when he shot those guys in the Chrysler 300. That was cool. I'm definitely watching every episode of this series and I'm going to love every minute.
  • Read the review...

    The sidestory with Andrea was kind of unexciting and boring. I know the entire show cannot focus around Hopper, but her story was pretty bad. The two package thing was a nice little twist to put on the show. Somehow Hoppers sister is involved in all of this, which I thought was kind of cool. Its kind of confusing how after about 4-5 days of Hoppers flashbacks that this is the first time he has found out that his sisters house had been ransacked through.

    The one scene I thought was interesting was the scene when Hopper was in the bar and he had the impression that one of the men in the bar may have been going through the same thing hes going through. It turns out the guy was just drunk, but I always thought if Daybreak were to go to a second season, someone else reliving the same day would be the best way to do that.

    The ending was very good. The thing that I like about this series is they always seem to end the episodes very well. This one is no differance and next weeks episode seems to be exactly what we all want - lots of action. This episode had a lot of hidden connections and backstory, next week is exactly what we all need. Good episode.