Day Break

Season 1 Episode 3

What If He Lets Her Go

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 22, 2006 on ABC

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  • Story.

    What make this show great was the fact that there was a lot of old and new mixed into an episode. The fact that Hopper seems to make sure he saves the one girl every day is something that is fun to make sure he does. I think later on he might start letting her get hit by the bus again, just to see if that changes anything. The other thing I liked was the story with his Lawyer and the girl in his house. We now know who sent the package to Hopper (Garza) and we know that the girl worked for him. The mystery is rising and I expect a lot out of the next episode, lets hope it lives up to the hype. At the moment the shows episodes have each been better then the previous.
  • Hopper changes the day but in ways he, and we, don't expect.

    Once again, I'm amazed no one's tried this idea for a series before. Seeing the ways Hopper tries to change the day are more unique as each replay comes and this episode shows that.

    The key moment is on the second day shown when he talks to Rita and she tells him the way to save "the witness" is to solve the case and thus Hopper makes what will probably be a big shift for the series: Concentrating less on protecting Rita and more on putting the clues together.

    And there are plenty like the hourglass and the connection between Chad and the two killers. We get great moments like Hopper busting in on the killer's car and getting away with the one guy laughing in admiration that Hopper managed to snatch his phone away during it. And the twist of the dead woman and Garza giving him the package are intriguing. But what makes the show work is how every replay has more nuances like Chad watching out for Rita and that last bit of Andrea apparantly killing a guy and calling Hopper for help. It's great, because in the previous loops, Hopper was in jail or Andrea had been killed so it could only happen this time. Can't wait to see it develop during the next day. I feared this show couldn't make the concept last but now I wonder if they don't have enough for more episodes. Time will tell, I suppose.
  • This show keeps you guessing and wondering, and I like that!(SPOILERS)

    Hopper keeps having his do-over and he keeps getting bits of information each time which will help him with this conspiracy. The package, we find out was from Garza, and it's a small hourglass, so I am wondering if Garza has an influence on the day repeating itself. I am totally warming up to Adam Baldwin's character Chad, who isn't as much of jerk as it first seemed. The decisions and consequences just keep altering everything and it seems for the better and Brett is making some headway, it's just getting the sequences in the right order, and it seems even though he helps one person, he has to leave another hanging, Andrea, his partner on the 2nd go around this episode was out of his day loop. This show is fast-paced and Taye Diggs is a good strong believable character, and I am really enjoying this show.
  • I'm turning into a huge fan of this show.

    Our boy Brett Hopper is still dealing with his gunshot wound and repeating the day over and over again. He's catching on to the situation pretty quickly and has adjusted himself for a few things, most notably saving a woman from getting hit by a bus. Damien Ortiz continues to get the best of him, on the other hand. Hopper still can't seem to avoid his daily beatdown but I'm sure he'll figure that stuff out later on. We also learn that he can not leave notes for himself. The only information he can retain is in his head. That's an important detail.