Day Break

Season 1 Episode 11

What If He Walks Away

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Unknown on ABC

Episode Recap

Despite solving the murder case, Hopper still wakes up to the same day. He is disappointed, but instead of doing other things, he warns everyone he knows on the phone about the day ahead. Sneaking up on the two guys following him to ask them why they are doing this, Buchalter tells him to walk away. Surprisingly, Hopper takes him up on his advice, and he and Rita go to Las Vegas.

In Las Vegas, Hopper bets on the Dodgers game and wins a lot of money. Rita enjoys the day very much, but she wants to go to Mexico. The next day, Hopper takes her to Mexico to a place where she and her family used to go when she was young. After two weeks, Hopper can't take anymore of the same day and talks to Rita. Rita is disappointed that Hopper let everyone get hurt back home by taking the day off, and promises him that things will be different.

The next day, things are different. The police show up at Rita's apartment and, by using Fencik and Buchalter to run, he is rescued once again by "the friends of his father" - who turn out to being his Uncle Nick and another man from the police department. Hopper talks to his Uncle Nick about what he found out about the case.

Then Hopper, trying to meet with Andrea, is arrested and finds out that Rita and Chad had been murdered. While in jail, Hopper tells Andrea about the dead man in the bathtub in the apartment above his, but when they get there, Hopper is in chains and everything has been cleaned up - no body or no recording device. The same night, Hopper learns his Uncle Nick is cooperating with Booth when Nick tries to take Hopper away from his cell because someone did take him away from there on the first night of the first day, and took him to Booth.

Hopper wakes up the next day and tries to talk to Rita, but she feels differently about him and tells him he has to leave because the police are coming.

Uncle Nick is seen talking to Damien, the gang leader, about setting up a meeting with the man at the top, and it's not Booth.