Day Break

Season 1 Episode 11

What If He Walks Away

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Unknown on ABC

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  • Why thye would cancel a great show like this is beyond me!!! Hopper enjoys his repetitive day by going to mexico....12 times!!! (and evetually gets bored of it... as you would)

    Another change happened in this episode, where its hinted/revealed that Rita is hiding something. I always knew she was in on it, or had something to do with whats happening to Hopper, and we're soon gonna find out what it is. (Hopefully it'll be in the last 2 episodes).

    We get a new character and its revealed that he was the one who helped out Damien - "Uncle" Nick. We learn that he knows whats going on and eventually works with Booth.....oh, forget this...

    You know what, theres too much explaining to do for this show. You're better off watching the show in its entirety from the beginning.

    I highly recommend it - even though its been cancelled. I hope they will bring this show back (like they did with Rome). This could rival 24 in the twists and conspiracy department.
  • Decisions... consequences

    This episode is a really good example that decisions brings consequences. Brett, after finally clearing his name of the garza murder, sees that he didn't break the day so he gives up and decides to take a break with his girlfriend Rita for two weeks not knowing that it will bring serious consequences. After 12 days in mexico with Rita, Brett decides to tell her what's wrong with him, Rita's reaction to it was bad, she believed him but did not like the fact that he's letting all those people die back there, they argued about it leaving to the consequences next day. Rita wakes up feeling really different leading to a chain of events that will lead to her death.

    Decisions.. Consequences.
  • "pivotal" worked too! but i chose "nerve-wracking" because of the consequences of this episode on my health...

    Day Break is a great tv show. No doubt about it.
    This show was always surprising, still with some kind of a backbone in it we could refer to.
    I enjoyed watching this guy trying to clear his name and "fix this day" as he says it. And even when he clears his name, he realizes it's not over!
    This is where things went a different, unexpected direction.
    He starts to give it up.
    First he wants to have fun, traveling with his girl, then he gets bored and he finally tells her everything... again.
    He already told people what's happenning to him.
    But this time it really has consequences!
    Things are totally different the next day(s) from what we saw.
    Much darker, with more troubles, more doubts about things he felt sure about before.
    This would have been a twist I would've fully enjoyed if I didn't know i was watching the last episodes of an unfinished season...
    I still have 2 more episodes to go and, even though I'll probably enjoy them, I'm not sure I'll have a real end in the very last one, thanks to the high qualified, impressively intelligent, risk takers that decide what is worth watching or not!
    But, hey! maybe I'm wrong... :-/
  • Brett decides to stop trying to fix the day and just put as much distace from himself and LA as he can...he confesses his secret to Rita which BREAKS her day and then things SPIRAL OUT OF CONTROL!

    Well it was fun to watch Brett manipulate the days events for his own personal gain (gambling....I think I would have done that a while ago)...after the Fun stopped things got right back to bussiness...and now that Brett has BROKEN his Girlfriends day she no longer trusts him...worse the simple phone call she now makes to Chad as sent things spiralling out of control and he may no longer have a way to prove his innocence...with just 2 episodes left mind you! we already know the answer to the murder mysteroy and a great cliffhanger for the finale but PLEASE GUYS...actually give us an answer to for the Time travel thing
  • One needs to be careful when they confide in someone they may not really know that well. This episode hints in the beginning that things are not what they seem with Rita. As the plot unfolds we learn that there are consequences for Hoppers actions.

    What more can go wrong? .... Although Hopper may have had his fill for the day repeating over & over, I find it refreshing and a really well thought story line. This episode really turned the screws and you can only keep wondering what will happen next. With only 2 episodes left, we can only hope that season one is not a cliffhanger! It's really disappointing to see that ABC didn't give it much of a chance and I can only hope that another network will pick up with season 2.
  • Review

    This is the episode where everything changes. Bretts day has now gotten worse, now that Rita wakes up and he can no longer put any trust in her because she simply wook up with a bad feeling. The murders of Chad and Rita at the hotel were interesting as it seems that whoever killed them is not Domingez, as the job was done in a much different style, with Chad and Rita getting pumped full of it. The ending was a little conusing, but Im sure that it will all be answered in the next episode. This conspiracy goes higher then any of us could ever imagine and I cannot wait for the next two episodes of this show to come online. Fantastic story writing.