Day Break

Season 1 Episode 11

What If He Walks Away

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Unknown on ABC

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  • Brett decides to stop trying to fix the day and just put as much distace from himself and LA as he can...he confesses his secret to Rita which BREAKS her day and then things SPIRAL OUT OF CONTROL!

    Well it was fun to watch Brett manipulate the days events for his own personal gain (gambling....I think I would have done that a while ago)...after the Fun stopped things got right back to bussiness...and now that Brett has BROKEN his Girlfriends day she no longer trusts him...worse the simple phone call she now makes to Chad as sent things spiralling out of control and he may no longer have a way to prove his innocence...with just 2 episodes left mind you! we already know the answer to the murder mysteroy and a great cliffhanger for the finale but PLEASE GUYS...actually give us an answer to for the Time travel thing
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