Day Break

Season 1 Episode 11

What If He Walks Away

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Unknown on ABC

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  • "pivotal" worked too! but i chose "nerve-wracking" because of the consequences of this episode on my health...

    Day Break is a great tv show. No doubt about it.
    This show was always surprising, still with some kind of a backbone in it we could refer to.
    I enjoyed watching this guy trying to clear his name and "fix this day" as he says it. And even when he clears his name, he realizes it's not over!
    This is where things went a different, unexpected direction.
    He starts to give it up.
    First he wants to have fun, traveling with his girl, then he gets bored and he finally tells her everything... again.
    He already told people what's happenning to him.
    But this time it really has consequences!
    Things are totally different the next day(s) from what we saw.
    Much darker, with more troubles, more doubts about things he felt sure about before.
    This would have been a twist I would've fully enjoyed if I didn't know i was watching the last episodes of an unfinished season...
    I still have 2 more episodes to go and, even though I'll probably enjoy them, I'm not sure I'll have a real end in the very last one, thanks to the high qualified, impressively intelligent, risk takers that decide what is worth watching or not!
    But, hey! maybe I'm wrong... :-/