Day Break

Season 1 Episode 10

What If He's Free

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Unknown on ABC

Episode Recap

Hopper decides to follow up on Dominguez. He visits Pelican Bay where - after a few tries with the warden - he uses Conrad Detweiler's name to visit Dominguez's cell - only to find out the cell is empty. Hopper realizes that Dominguez comes and goes from the prison whenever he is called.

Fencik and Buchalter discuss a dead man they left in the tub above Hopper's apartment, while they are try to figure out what to do with Damien Ortiz. Hopper meets with Andrea and tells her what he knows and asks her to help him by searching in the police department's database for any profile matching Garza's murder.

Hopper talks to Damien about Torres and Dominguez, and he gets him to help him interrogate Torres to find Dominguez. Damien shoots Torres just after Hopper finds a piece of paper with an address written on it in Torres' wallet.

Andrea finds a few cases that match Garza's murder profile - all unsolved. She tries to check the gun for prints only to find out that it was checked out by Spivak. She tells Hopper about the missing gun.

Hopper drives to the address to warn the girl living there, but she isn't very friendly. The day ends with Dominguez killing Rita and Chad.

The first thing Hopper does the next day is to get the gun. The police arrive and he is forced to hide in the apartment above his own. There he finds a recording device and a dead man in the bathtub. Hopper escapes and gives the gun to Andrea - who Hopper had asked earlier to find out about the past of the girl he visited the previous day. The girl happens to be Dominguez's sister.

Since the police have found out about the dead man in the bathtub, Fencik and Buchalter are identified by the man living in the apartment beneath Hopper's. He gives him their names since the man really thought they were plumbers.

Hoppers talks to Dominguez's sister after Andrea tells him about Dominguez's fingerprint on the gun. He tells her to talk to Choi. Hopper learns that Dominguez had saved his sister from their parents and she is Dominguez's contact. She tells Hopper that Dominguez will go after him.

Hopper rushes to Rita's house where he manages to arrest Dominguez with Chad's help. Hopper seems to be cleared from the murder case while Dominguez is locked once again behind bars.

But is it over? It is not.