Day Break

Season 1 Episode 13

What If It's Him

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Unknown on ABC

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  • Hopper will unravel all of the conspiracy at last.

    Wow, what an ending.

    The only thing that would stop the repeating day was if Hopper understood the setup that was happening for the day after. Everything was set so he woke up to tomorrow.

    This whole conspiracy is massive. So massive I'm probably gonna watch the whole season again just to clear everything up. Connections were everywhere and kudos to the writers for detailing everything.

    Why was the day repeating? The needle in the neck was probably just a tranquilizer. As far as I see it, Jared was pretty much a God-like figure who repeated the day to help Hopper see through the conspiracy and stop the corruption. I prefer this explanation (X-Files style ) much more than some specific government experiment answer.

    As for Chad and Barry Colbern (Lawyer boss guy), it was nice using them as examples of how corruption is never completely gone. Fensick and Buchalter ends up getting whacked by Miguel Dominguez. Booth and Mrs. Garza get silenced.

    An incredibly packed, intense thriller. It's been a good run for Day Break. I'm glad I got to see the end.
  • Review

    I liked just about everything in this episode. Since this series unfortionatly wont be able to come back for a second season I like how Hoopers day that kept on repeating ended about 60% of the way through the episode, instead of at the very last season of the epieosde which is what I would have expected if this show had just been given a chance on televsion for a second season. Chad being behind everything was kind of surprising, I really did think that Spivak was going to be the dirty active agent right up until the end there when I finnaly saw Chad in handcuffs, to which he looks to have escaped. The entire conspirarcy seems to have been solved, which I like considering the show cannot live on. A lot of shows leave too much inforamtion unanswered just in case they come back for a second season, but this show didnt do that. They tied up 95% of the loose ends and left me feeling satisfied after I saw the finale. All in all this was a great show and I wish they would make more episode with an all new storyline, but even if they dont this was still one of the best 13-series productions in television histroy.
  • Finally, the questions are answered!

    I really loved how this series ended. I have been enthralled from the first episode, and I am glad the final episodes were available online. I just finished, and wow!

    So, questions have been raised about the ending. it took me a second to realize that the man at the end was the other man whose day was repeating. Here's what I think:

    The entire reason Hopper was reliving this day because he had to find out that his father didn't kill himself. Before this day, Hopper was in a bad place in his life and he needed to be shown what really matters. To renew his hope in life, he had to find out the truth about his father. Everything else that happened led to that conclusion, and he wouldn't be able to "move on" until he found out the truth. Everything about corruption and being set up had to happen in order for him to find out about his father. The other man? The ending obviously left it up to interpretation, but I think he's supernatral... God, maybe an angel.... He had to come and help Hopper get back on the right track - make the connefction at the Club. When his work was done, he was no longer necessary on Hopper's journey, so he wasn't seen again. I gotta say, though, I really, really loved this series.
  • Hopper may finally do what he needs to end his continuous day. But does that mean his job is done?

    Finally, has posted all of the episodes online and we have seen the end of the series. After watching it, I think it's a real shame that more people didn't tune in. Day Break was truly a fun, exciting, twist-filled, and entertaining show. It threw in enough surprises and turns to keep the audience's head spinning and wondering. Just when it seemed that one question was answered, two more popped up. Some were more obvious than others (such as the misdirection of Colburn's inside man), but overall the series presented a tight, fast-paced, and fascinating story. The finale is no exception as it does a fine job of wrapping up the many storylines and giving our characters justice. The final answers are revealed, good guys saved, and most of the bad guys brought to justice. Nothing's perfect, though, and the creators leave enough threads dangling to allow for further stories to be told if the series had been picked up. It's unfortunate that it didn't since a few questions linger. Was Colburn going to eventually go down? Was Chad a better man than he seemed to be? Would he have gone after Hopper or been redeemed? And then there's that final shot, the shot of the cleaned up and seemingly recovered Jared. Is there a simple explanation for that? Did his time looping end after Hopper's help and now he's just checking on the man who let him turn his life around? Or is there something more? Does he know something about the repeated day? Is he a part of the cause? It's fun to speculate and unfortunate that we'll never know, unless the creators give some extra tidbits in an eventual DVD release. For what it was, however, Day Break was another example of a high quality show taken away before its time.
  • Good Ending

    Hopper finlly gets to tomrrow and he is happy about it i relly like the episode and thougt it was relly good i liked when he woke up and it was tomorrow it is a great episode to a show that should have not been cancled the twist in the episodes are relly shocking and done good and very well over all the episode does not miss a beat that is the reason this episode get a rating of 5 stars form me that is all i have to say about this last episode of a great good seris THE END.
  • Hopper finally gets control of the day.

    Wow. What a finale. First off I'm really upset ABC cancelled this show but they did consider everyone’s interest in putting up the rest of the episodes online. Although they did this not everyone has a good connection. I just switched to DSL and so I was lucky I could catch the rest of the show. Now about the finale, it had everything I look in a show. Hopper finally got enough evidence to take down the main and some of the big dogs. Hopper finds out Nick killed his father but nothing would make up for that. He ends up getting killed by Damien. Ms. Garza ends up getting killed for snitching. The crooked people got killed or killed themselves. The rest went to jail. Except for Chad, "El Lloron", and the lawyer stay free. Damien is left free as well (since he was more of an informant) and becomes owner of the town in his business. The last scenes were great except it looked like it was made to go for another season since Brett promises to catch the lawyer one day and in the very last scene when he and his family go into the restaurant there is an unknown man looking at them from across the street and is smiling. Great show.
  • Ends with the one loose end that they didn't answer...

    I loved the premise of Day Break - Groundhog Day meets Law and Order.

    Although I liked how the series ended (it wouldn't have made sense to kill off Hopper in the final episode), they didn't explain the one thing I've wanted to know from the very start - How was Hopper reliving the same day over and over? It seems that any show/movie (with the exception of Stargate SG-1) that dealt with a repeating day NEVER fully says why the day is repeating. Was it the shot Hopper received in the quarry? Why was the other guy's day repeating over and over? Is there someone (or something) out there that is making this happen? Or was it just fate just screwing around with him? Personally, I was really hoping to see that something was behind his looping day, not a someone.

    I do hope that ABC decides to release this on DVD, along with a timeline that shows exactly what was happening when. But considering that ABC pulled the series ofter 6 episodes, I highly doubt that it'll get to DVD. And if it does, it'll probably be higher priced - they'll have to recoup their losses somewhere...