Day Break

Season 1 Episode 13

What If It's Him

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Unknown on ABC

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    I liked just about everything in this episode. Since this series unfortionatly wont be able to come back for a second season I like how Hoopers day that kept on repeating ended about 60% of the way through the episode, instead of at the very last season of the epieosde which is what I would have expected if this show had just been given a chance on televsion for a second season. Chad being behind everything was kind of surprising, I really did think that Spivak was going to be the dirty active agent right up until the end there when I finnaly saw Chad in handcuffs, to which he looks to have escaped. The entire conspirarcy seems to have been solved, which I like considering the show cannot live on. A lot of shows leave too much inforamtion unanswered just in case they come back for a second season, but this show didnt do that. They tied up 95% of the loose ends and left me feeling satisfied after I saw the finale. All in all this was a great show and I wish they would make more episode with an all new storyline, but even if they dont this was still one of the best 13-series productions in television histroy.