Day Break

Season 1 Episode 13

What If It's Him

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Unknown on ABC

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  • Hopper will unravel all of the conspiracy at last.

    Wow, what an ending.

    The only thing that would stop the repeating day was if Hopper understood the setup that was happening for the day after. Everything was set so he woke up to tomorrow.

    This whole conspiracy is massive. So massive I'm probably gonna watch the whole season again just to clear everything up. Connections were everywhere and kudos to the writers for detailing everything.

    Why was the day repeating? The needle in the neck was probably just a tranquilizer. As far as I see it, Jared was pretty much a God-like figure who repeated the day to help Hopper see through the conspiracy and stop the corruption. I prefer this explanation (X-Files style ) much more than some specific government experiment answer.

    As for Chad and Barry Colbern (Lawyer boss guy), it was nice using them as examples of how corruption is never completely gone. Fensick and Buchalter ends up getting whacked by Miguel Dominguez. Booth and Mrs. Garza get silenced.

    An incredibly packed, intense thriller. It's been a good run for Day Break. I'm glad I got to see the end.
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