Day Break

Season 1 Episode 13

What If It's Him

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Unknown on ABC

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  • Ends with the one loose end that they didn't answer...

    I loved the premise of Day Break - Groundhog Day meets Law and Order.

    Although I liked how the series ended (it wouldn't have made sense to kill off Hopper in the final episode), they didn't explain the one thing I've wanted to know from the very start - How was Hopper reliving the same day over and over? It seems that any show/movie (with the exception of Stargate SG-1) that dealt with a repeating day NEVER fully says why the day is repeating. Was it the shot Hopper received in the quarry? Why was the other guy's day repeating over and over? Is there someone (or something) out there that is making this happen? Or was it just fate just screwing around with him? Personally, I was really hoping to see that something was behind his looping day, not a someone.

    I do hope that ABC decides to release this on DVD, along with a timeline that shows exactly what was happening when. But considering that ABC pulled the series ofter 6 episodes, I highly doubt that it'll get to DVD. And if it does, it'll probably be higher priced - they'll have to recoup their losses somewhere...