Day Break

Season 1 Episode 8

What If She's Lying

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Unknown on ABC

Episode Recap

Hopper trying to find out what his sister is hiding. But first, he has a check up to see if there's anything wrong with his brain - an idea he picked up from talking to Gerald's alleged surgeon the previous day.

At his sister's house, Hopper's learns there are a lot of things that he doesn't know about his family. Hopper doesn't seem to realize that Jennifer is in trouble. The next day, he visits his mother. Before going, he takes a photograph of the two former sheriff's deputies; a photo that will be used by Andrea to learn details about them.

At the police headquarters, as Andrea calls in some old favors, Chad sees the photo and reacts badly, as he seems to know them. Andrea then finds out their names: Fencik and Buchalter. During this time, Hopper's mother takes him to a self-storage facility where his father's belongings were supposed to be stored, but all his case files are now missing and only his father's old partner had an extra key. Hopper then visits his uncle Nik, his father's old partner, who at first denies knowledge of that old case. But he then admits he knows nothing more than that Hopper's father was forced to drop the case and fix the evidence - despite his father showing Garza the evidence he had (a fingerprint that revealed the murderer, with the problem that he was locked up in a maximum security jail). Although, his father had dropped the case, he kept some files hidden: the murder book and those files are what 'the man in charge' wants.

Chad meets Buchalter, and they get into a violent argument. Buchalter tells Chad he should remember that he owes him. As Chad leaves, Buchalter meets the man in charge - who has a meeting with Hopper's sister – who gives him a briefcase containing money, and then sets off to kill Chad. Hopper finally realizes that his sister is in deep trouble and decides to talk to her the next day.

Talking to her leads him to the briefcase and sees the money inside. He then is coerced into giving the briefcase to the bad guys, who seem very eager to get hold of it - too eager for the small amount of money it contains.

The next day starts off differently once again. Hopper and his sister are now closer - they are somehow connected. His sister doesn't hesitate to contact him to talk to him and, during their talk; Hopper finds the autopsy report from Isabella's murder in the briefcase. He learns Isabella Contreras had been pregnant and in the autopsy report, his father had written and underlined the name "Tobias Booth."
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