Day Break

Season 1 Episode 6

What If They Find Him

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Dec 13, 2006 on ABC

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  • Overall a brilliant end to a fantastic series. Answers most questions, leaves a few

    Well, knowing it's the series finale, not just a season finale puts a different view on this episode, it doesn't explain fully why this is happening to Hopper, or why the day stopped repeating, but it does unravel the full mystery of why he's framed, and brings everybody together, and all of the bad guys are caught, whether or not they remain that way would be for another season, and whether it would be the end of the story also remains unspoken.

    Clearing his name and showing the conspiracy all occurs perfectly, all the details are brought together, but still doesn't answer the question of Jarod, who he was, whether his day really was repeating, and if he was the one making it all happen...

    Overall though, a fantastic end, still leaves questions unanswered, but not as much as a cliffhanger, and leaves you feeling satisfied, the best you can feel knowing the series has ended, if only ABC had marketed this well and it drew in the viewers, this had great potential for many more seasons.

    Enjoy tomorrow, Brett Hopper.
  • What a great episode! The first 5 episodes only had 2 days in them, but this one went through Day 4 and Day 5 os quickly. And what a great twist right at the end!

    (Yeah, this will contain spoilers!)
    This episode is possibly one of (if not THE) best! It had a good beginning with a mysterious shooting and in the middle it revealed some more clue to the shooting, and in the end BAM! It was like a 24 episode, which left you thinking "WTF?".

    It starts off with Hopper getting his hands on the Murder Book and chasing the lead from it. He finds out who the dead girl in the picture is and tries to find the killer, which leads to Damien. And while he's doing that, at the end of Day 3, Chad gets shot and we dont know who shoots him, but he clearly knew the person.

    Near the middle of the episode we get shown who shoots him, Hopper's sister?!??!?? But thats the only time we see her until the end. We never find out why she shoots Chad.

    And Hopper still doesn't know. He's chasing after the dead girl and eventually ends up in the house of the guy who stuck a needle to the neck in the first few episodes. On the first day he beats the guy up - with great applause from the viewers, as Hopper does need to relieve some frustration! But the guys wife comes out with a shotgun (when she was supposed to go and dial 911!!!) and.... well... although they never address it, Hopper get shot. And the next day comes. He tries to talk to the guy who wont give any information on why or who is doing this. So he tries threatening him and puts a gun to his throat. the guy still doesn't answer, and at which point we go to the next day. (I'm guessing he shot the guy just for the hell of it!).

    This time he gives all the information he had and begs him to stop everything and leave - supposedly. Hopper waits for there until he get picked up by the people who he works for and follows them. Hopper warns all that are in danger - Damien, Chad, his sister, and also his girlfriend. His girlfriend does not pick up her phone so he goes to her house/apartment, and at the same time, Chad doesn't get shot, and Damien puts a few bullets in the skinheads who were out looking for him.

    Then, right at the end comes the pivotal scenes. The one we thought was the main villain get killed as he 'let' Hopper come to his house and allowed him to leave. The people who he works for - whose face we don't see clearly - are showing his death as an example of failure... "to who? Why, none other than Hoppers sister of course....... uh, wait a minute, WTF????????

    And by the looks of things, I guess we'll never know whats gonna happen to Hopper, or why his sister is with the bad guys!

    (I'll still bet my money on the girlfriend being in on the whole thing, for some major conspiracy or something)
  • Excellent show.

    I love this show and now it is being cancelled. That is just not right. No warning, no nothing. Especially for a very high rated show, Day Break is an exceptional show, with excellent characters. This broke my heart and was not fair to do. There are not very many shows that can keep an audience suspended at a quick pace setting like Day Break. I think Day Break is better than Lost in many ways as it does not drag on, but gets to the point of trying to uncover who framed who in this show. It is a super show all in all.
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