Day Break

Season 1 Episode 9

What If They're Connected

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Unknown on ABC

Episode Recap

At the murder scene, Detective Choi and his partner, Detective Spivak, discuss the murder. As Spivak leaves the scene, a fax sheet that had been there before – one with Miguel Dominguez' face on it - disappears.

Hopper talks to Jennifer later about the contents of the briefcase and the autopsy report inside, and he gives her Fencik and Buchalter's phone number. Then Hopper goes to a political gathering for Tobias Booth's - a respected city counselor. There Booth introduces his assistant, Torres, a former gang member who now is a reformed citizen; thus proving that any gang member can have alternatives. Choi and Spivak questions Jennifer, who tells them about Fencik and Buchalter. Choi looks them up and finds Fencik's usual hangout with Spivak's help. Choi meets with Fencik and gets in trouble. Hopper follows Booth to Garza's house, only to discover that Booth and Garza's wife know more than they say they do.

Hopper meets with Booth, a meeting that ends with Hopper hiding in Luis Torres' car. Torres drives to a warehouse where he loads a box full of guns into his car. Hopper then gets the car and drives away. Hopper returns to Rita's house and finds her very upset. The next day he decides to talk to her first and then do all the things he has to do.

The day starts over again, and Andrea arrests Torres at Booth's political gathering. At the police station Torres is released at the first opportunity. Torres makes a phone call at the Summit. Rita finds Detective Choi and gives a voluntary deposition, thus providing Hopper with an alibi. Choi believes her and tries harder to follow various leads; one of them is the Summit Bar. Hopper wants to know what Torres is planning to do with the guns and looks for Damien. Damien tells Hopper about Torres doing Booth's dirty work. Since Damien does not agree to follow Hopper to the Summit Bar, he goes alone and sees Choi - from the window - being tied up and severely beaten up. Hopper realizes the guns are a peace offering between the Latin Disciples and the Skinheads.

At the last minute, reinforcements arrive to save both Hopper and Choi. Hopper gets arrested by Choi, who thanks Hopper for saving his life. Hopper realizes Choi is the only one who believes him, other than Andrea. Choi offers his help and they make a stop at the murder scene to find out the fax sheet with Dominguez' photo on it had been faxed to his home (he had never received it because Hopper does not own a fax machine). Dominguez is supposed to be serving life at Pelican Bay State Penitentiary.