Day Break

Season 1 Episode 5

What If They're Stuck

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Dec 06, 2006 on ABC

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  • Hopper's day from Hell doesn't get any better when he finds himself in a hostage situation at police headquarters.

    This episode was the beginning of him finding some clues to some of his queries.
    I want to start by saying I had no intention of watching this show, and thought the dramatic rip-off of Groundhog's Day was the dumbest notion for a show ever. Somehow against better judgment I watched the two hour pilot and was sucked in. What a day to have repeat, who can you trust, so many possibilities, why is the day repeating and does it have anything to do with the Hell he's going through?
    I was hooked like a crack head to some new super space crack, and since ABC said it was running the show non-stop until it had answered all these questions; I relished my new habit and prepared for a dozen weekly fixes, of an adrenaline packed substitute for my normal Lost addiction. Sadly this is the last episode I saw since my DVD recorder screwed up and missed the next episode, can't even find it on line, and the show has disappeared. Ironically so has any of the text in the forums discussing it's Houdini routine( as well as others).
    In Summation; Killer show, would love to see where it goes. I thought it might only be one short season, but never thought it would stop half way through.
  • Wow I am totaly suprised!

    I totaly suprised I mean just in aw. How could hopper do somthing so out of carictor. And chad was awsome with his out look on what is happening with Hopper. I have a feeling that everthing is going to change after this next episode we will be more confused than ever. That is aviaouly saying alot. I although watch lost so it will not be to hard for me to be confused. My favorite part of this episode was when hopper stoll the murder book and put the $103.63 i belive that was the amount on the seat because in that day the day befor (if that makes any scence) Cahd told him he owed hom that for coffe. All in all it was an amazing epiosde!
  • Hopper takes a hostage in the police station while trying to identify the fingerprint on the hour glass and keep Rita and his sister safe. What does the cold case from 1981 have to do with his present situation and how much does Chad really know?

    This just gets better each week. I can\'t understand why there\'s not more hype about it. Even though the premise has Hopper repeating the same day, each episode varies dramatically as he figures out the details of the mystery. I am so hooked and I will be ticked if we can\'t see this season to it\'s logical end.
  • Very well written, great action and very good explaination of past and present events.

    This Episode really sums up the previous shows and fortells the direction of the show with more clarity than previous eppy's. You could watch this show and almst understand where it is going and where iot has been. Really well written and great continuity. I loved it and would reccommend people watch the episodes on ABC.COM if you missed any. This really will get you hooked. This episode more than others ties together many lose ends and even exposes you to Adam Baldwins skilled acting abilities. This cast is truly amazing and they are more than ever enhancing the storyline rather than just playing parts. Chad Shelton is he playing both sides? Just as you begin to detest him he does something to make you believe he is a stand up guy. Annoying yes but evil? Andrea Battle, She also is coming into her own and really showing some personality. Battle and Hopper are more alike than previously projected in the scripts. Perhaps Battle has more to do with this than I thought. Now Hopper has confessed to this murder the next and retrieved the 1991 murder book from Chad's car we will be some steps closer to deciphering what is going on. Obviously Hoppers mentally ill father is the key to what is happening. This episode also sums up what Hopper can and cannot carry forward. I love this show and it sickens me that more folks are not giving it a chance. Tune in Next week and if you have missed episodes just watch them on so you are fully caught up.
  • The best of the episodes yet.

    The best of the episodes yet, I like the way they are beginning to tie the series episodes together -- almost didn't come fast enough for me. I did think as highly of the pilot. I also like the fact that they are not retracing his daily learning’s over and over but I worry new viewers may not be able to step in and find the show meaningful. I am going to watch to see if the producers can tied this up in an unpredictable end without whacking out and dropping an alien force into the picture or a scummy dream sequence.

    I can only see two potential ends to this sequence based on what they have showed us so far - so I hope I am wrong and more unexpected twists are coming.
  • Best episode yet!

    I loved this episode. It not only kept me on the edge of my seat, but it also revealed more information to us. Although not too much, just enough to make me want to watch again next week.
    I'm so glad that Hopper finally got someone to really listen to his dilemma and take him seriously. Shelten was great! I loved his technobabble about the realities of time. And he kept a tab? And can remember off the top of his head how much it amounted to? Yikes! At least he isn’t such a bad guy after all. The fact that he actually gave some credence to Hopper’s story was proved by his final gesture of telling him the case file was in the front seat of his truck. Of course, the fact that he could see the gun sighted on her made the difference!
    I cannot wait for next week. I do hope that ABC can find a time slot to fit this into so that we are able to see all the episodes – it would be a shame to not unravel all the puzzles!
  • Little by little more information is coming Brett Hopper's way.

    This episode gave us more information and it showed that Chad is more of an ally than an enemy for Brett. I am glad because I really like Adam Baldwin and I think Hopper is going to need more help from his partners than he thinks, including Chad and Andrea. It was edge of the seat suspense when the hostage scene occurred because knowing that if Brett dies it is over, he can't come back no matter how much people want to compare this to Ground Hog Day, Bill Murray killed himself several times but always woke up the same time every morning none the worse for the wear, Brett doesn't have that luxury. I hope that ABC keeps this show going, it has some really good thriller and suspense qualities and I am thoroughly enjoying it.
  • This show\'s really gaining some momentum

    This show has grown better with every episode. Can\'t wait till next week. Really hoping they aren\'t going to cancel it to bring back some inconsequential and stupid comedies.

    Im surprised how much I like the characters and the plot development. The whole groundhog day thing seemed like it would be really silly, but the show\'s taking itself very seriously and it really works. It seems like every episode has had some major revelation, some major conflict, very satisfying action, clever character development and behaviors. If I had to pick between Lost coming back right now, or watching this show play out, I\'d definately go with Daybreak. Solid acting, solid writing, and good action.
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