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NBC (ended 1989)


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  • Not a bad show. Should have lasted longer.

    Day by Day was a sitcom that ran on NBC for a couple of years in the late 80's. It starred Linda Kelsey (formerly of Lou Grant) and Doug Sheehan (formerly of Knot's Landing) as a yuppie couple who decided to chunk their jobs as a lawyer and stockbroker respectively and open up a daycare center for pre-schoolers in their home. A pre-Seinfeld Julia Louis Dreyfuss and a pre-Melrose Place Courtney Thorne-Smith were included in the supporting cast.

    The show never really caught on with the American viewing public despite the fact that it got decent reviews at the time. Dreyfuss in particular was hilarious in her role as stockbroker and family friend Eileen Swift. Her stint on Day by Day is probably what won her the role of Elaine on Seinfeld but IMHO she was funnier here. Christopher Daniel Barnes also did good work as the couple's slacker teenaged son, Ross, and there were guest appearances from the likes of George Wendt, Leslie Nielsen, and Arsenio Hall. Plus the hilarious Brady Bunch parody episode which had to have helped Barnes win the role of Greg Brady in the two Brady Bunch movies that were filmed in the 90's.

    All in all, Day by Day was a good show which should have lasted longer than it did. If it had it might be better remembered today instead of being a mere afterthought in television history. But such is the way of the medium known as television. You pays your money and you takes your chances.