Day Zero

Season 1 Episode 2

10:28 PM-10:31 PM (Part 2)

Aired Unknown May 28, 2007 on YouTube

Episode Recap

Jack attempts to disarm the bomb with less than a minute to go and Nina advises him that there is not enough time to get the specs from CTU to disarm it before it detonates.

Jack turns his attention to Lazlo's laptop and asks Nina to get Jamie on the phone to circumvent the password and get to the information they need. She advises him to intentionally crash the computer and reboot it in safe mode to get around the password protection. He follows her directions of control-tab-shift-control, then type in reboot safe to get the information. With time running out, Jack downloads the contents of the laptop to a thumb drive. As the bomb starts beeping, only seconds are away before it blows as the computer shows the download completing. Jack grabs the thumb drive and dives out a window as the bomb explodes, as both Nina and Jamie gasp in horror.