Day Zero

Season 1 Episode 3

10:36 PM - 11:14 PM (Part 3)

Aired Unknown Jun 04, 2007 on YouTube

Episode Recap

Devin and Nina run out to find Jack's arm sticking out from the pile of rubble from the explosion. Yelling for him, Jack emerges with only bumps and bruises, saying that he is okay, despite a gash over his right eye.

Mason calls demanding to know what happened and why Lazlo was dead. "Someone knew we were watching him," Jack says and he will fill in the details when they get back to CTU.

While the medics check him out, he hands the flash drive to Nina, asking her to mine it for information and requested that she be the only one to work on it, since he trusts her.

Back at CTU as Jack and Devin head up to Mason's office to debrief, Tony Almedia approaches Nina to see if she is okay and says that she always makes Jack "sound like some sort of hero." He also points out that he is still married. Nina quickly assures Tony that there is nothing going on between them, as she looks upward to Mason's office.