Day Zero

Season 1 Episode 4

11:16 PM -11:18 PM (Part 4)

Aired Unknown Jun 13, 2007 on YouTube

Episode Recap

Mason is debriefing both Jack and Devin, demanding answers as to how Lazlo can be killed right under their noses, when they have been monitoring him for the past nine weeks. "Whoever he was working with knew we were about to move him," Jack states.

Stunned, Mason probes Jack for more insight, where Jack believes that someone from inside CTU tipped him off. Devin says that it is the only thing that makes sense.

Jack wants to get Divsion onto the situation, but Mason is reluctant to call them on a hunch that there may be a mole inside CTU. "Trust me, someone inside CTU is working against us," Jack says.

As the men discuss the situation further, Nina checks around to see if anyone is nearby and proceeds to delete all the files off the flash drive. She sends a text message to an unknown recipient, stating that the files have been successfully deleted and that their connection, whoever it is, has been erased.