Day Zero

Season 1 Episode 5

11:25PM -11:28 PM (Part 5)

Aired Unknown Jun 24, 2007 on YouTube

Episode Recap

Jack has since returned to his desk after the debrief with Mason and is informed that his wife Teri is on hold. She wanted to inform him that some of his bills are still going to the house instead of his current residence, as they are currently going through a separation.
"I think we need to talk about this more before I start changing my address," he says. She replies that they have talked about it, but Jack begs her, saying that he is trying. He asks if he can talk to him, who is still very upset over the ordeal. "You need to give her some space," Teri says.
Devin runs up interrupting their conversation, saying there is something wrong with the files they brought in from Lazlo's computer. Jack tells Teri he has to call her back and the two head over to Nina's desk, where she lies saying that there must have been a self-destruct program that shredded all the files. "They're gone, Jack," she says, as he holds his head in agony.
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