Day Zero

YouTube Premiered May 21, 2007 Between Seasons


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  • Not to be confused with my show!

    I like this cartoon but my show ( has nothing to do with 24, but the title up here may confuse people.
  • It's aim is to be the prequal of 24

    I do not understand why Kefier actually decided to sign on to this. The animation is absolutly hidious, especially for a show of this manner. If you are going to attemp to make 24 into an animation you most take into account what it really is. Also, in the "first episode" (i do not know if you can call them episodes because they are about 2 and a half minutes in lenght, supposidly covering about three to four minutes in real time) jack succesfully reboots a computer in safe mode and downloads a file onto a flash drive with less then 50 seconds left on a remote bomb. At that point i knew this was a waste of time and for some reason continued to see if it would get any better. It does not even explain much new information from what we already learned from the show, i wouldn't suggest watching this waste of time, but that is your own decision.
  • Day Zero: Alright Show

    I wouldn't nesisarily call it a show because of how short it is, i guess you could call it a show. The animation in the show isn't really high end, but that works as a plus. The animation brings back the good old comic bok feel of shows like the original Spider-Man. The show is basically a prequal to the 24 series. Its for those hard-core 24 fans and at the same time its kind of not. some people will be like thats cool, yah and others will be the opposite. I don't know we[''l jjust have to wait and see how it tuns out.