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Days Like These

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Only time will tell if this series becomes Britain's worst-ever sitcom. While it may have seemed like a good idea to remake a popular US series set in the once-again-trendy 1970s, the results were disastrous. The producers appeared more interested in making a direct copy of That '70s Show rather than making their own comedy. The cast looks almost identical to their American counterparts. The title sequence, animation and special effects were copied almost exactly. Unfortunately, the humor didn't translate.
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  • Congratulations. Britain made a really bad "That '70s Show" clone.

    Now, I like "That '70s Show." It's funny, unique, retro, and sometimes, gets a little smoke.

    And I like, well, British comedy such as "Mr. Bean" and "Monty Python."

    Mix them up, you get an AWESOME show from the UK known as "Days Like These." And that's saying a lot, because "Shaq Fu" is better than this piece of trash!

    Shaq: HI-YA!

    Written by award-winning duo Bonnie & Terry Turner, creators of Wayne's World and Third Rock From The Sun, Days Like These has been adapted for British audiences by writers Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain.

    What? You kidding? Bonnie and Terry wrote this?

    Besides, all of the episodes are complete ripoffs. Since it was made in 1999, I can tell that "Superman 64" has some of the clips.


    It only got canceled in 7 episodes (thank God), from February 1999 through July 1999. Good idea, ITV. I hope you've learned your lesson for making this crap.

    LOLCAT: Me iz sue peeple.

    Seriously, stay away from "Days Like These."moreless
  • I'm suprised that this show exists. That 70's Show = pure gold Days like these = pure coal.

    Wow. I mean, wow. I didn't know that remakes can be this bad. Wow.

    OH, god, where do we start? Um.. well, the camera angles and pans seem like a student made film. That's one of the only things I like about this remake.

    Anyways, this is just a bad remake of this show. THe names are either the same (the Formans) altered slightly (Donna Palmer, Michael McGuier) Or just changed completly (Dylan Jones, Tjorn... something) And it's mostly all the same script, with fixes about it to fit the Britan family. Which means, that's gonna fail.

    The acting dosen't sound all too great, either. And, so are the name titles. The actors look like dumbed-down versons of the rest of the characters.

    Bottom line, this could have been a good show... but, if it wasen't a bad ripoff of its American counerpart, this could have been running well in England.

    Well, all's all, that's what I say.moreless
  • F****** awful!

    ITV in their infinate wisdom decided to buy the rights of \"That 70\'s Show\" & reformulate it for UK tastes, wrong! They\'d have been better off saving their money & screen the US version, which is far superior. See my entry for \"That 70s Show\".


    70s Britain wasn\'t as nostalgic as the US.