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  • Season 1
    • Act of Kindness
      Act of Kindness
      Episode 15
      We look back at how, in the darkest times of the second world war, the generosity and warmth of a little old lady outshone the atrocities. Based on a monologue from Radio Ulster's Days Like This programme.
    • Christmas Star
      Christmas Star
      Episode 14
      A festive tale about how a father made Christmas special for a young girl in Cookstown.
    • Blue Chopper
      Blue Chopper
      Episode 13
      A nostalgic look at one Belfast boy's dream and his brothers generosity. Based on a monologue from Radio Ulster's Days Like This programme.
    • Loneliness
      Episode 12
      The proprietor of a bookshop has his patience tested by people that just want to look, but don't want to buy. He finds redemption in the most unlikely of places.
    • Jam Tarts
      Jam Tarts
      Episode 11
      A delightful tale by a local woman, as she fondly remembers the kindness and generosity show to her as a child by Mrs. King...
    • Moonlight Serenade
      Moonlight Serenade
      Episode 10
      A moving story about the power of music. A former prisoner of war remembers how a priest with a gramophone offered a glimpse of something beautiful in the darkest of times.
    • Blue
      Episode 9
      A local graphic designer reminisces about his university days, and explores the influence that a visiting lecturer had on his professional life.
    • The Grandparents Grave
      A touching story of one woman's journey with her father to his home town of Belia Rusio, to visit the grave of her grandparents for the first time.
    • Little Blue Flower
      A poignant tale of how even the smallest thing can inspire great change. An Irishman who has struggled his entire life with alcoholism and depression, discovers a little blue flower and it profoundly alters the course of his life.
    • Siberian Vegetarian
      An animated, tongue-in-cheek look at the shock of a local man, Glenn Rooney, when he is confronted with the reality of buying meat in a Russian market.
    • Words of Gentle Tolerance
      From the BBC Radio Ulster programme voiced by Margaret Morrow. In this episode we journey back to Margaret's childhood where we meet a lovely man called Mr Brolly...
    • Red Rose of Newcastle
      Based on monologues from Radio Ulster's Days Like this, this animated episode tells of one man's experience on a winter's day in Newcastle.
    • The Washing of Hands
      'The Washing of Hands' episode transports us to South Africa, where we see through the eyes of a white South African woman as she attends mass in a Black Township.
    • Ocean Walking
      Ocean Walking
      Episode 2
      The second in a new series of short animations based on monologues from Radio Ulster's Days Like This. A local woman tells of how a trip to the Great Barrier Reef cured her fear of water.
    • The Big Match
      The Big Match
      Episode 1
      The first in a new series of short animations based on Radio Ulster's Days Like This. Hugh Gilsenan had never been really close to his father. Then, a surprise visit to a sports shop, a new Ireland strip and an international match led to a precious day for a young Belfast boy.moreless