Days of our Lives

Season 40 Episode 225

Ep. #10151

Aired Weekdays 1:00 PM Sep 23, 2005 on NBC
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Ep. #10151
Jennifer decides to stay home from the wedding when Jack takes ill, and both Frankie and Lexie try to convince Jack to tell his wife the truth. Sami's wedding turns into a three-ring circus as Kate shows everyone photographs of Sami's transformation to Stan. Marlena is upset after Alex asserts that both Roman and John love Kate, but pulls it together to help Belle, who fears she is in labor. Austin is headed on a flight to Salem, and offers his own toast to Sami and Lucas. Frankie finds a letter Jennifer wrote him years ago.moreless
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  • I love days of our lives show

    I love days of our lives show.

    I\\\'m new here and I\\\'m searching for days of our lives show.

    I watch this show from my arabic channel mbc4 and i like it very much but until now they review to us the year 2001 when shown and bill graduated from the school so I want watch it on line the web to following the show to this year. so I need to now the web sites that shows this series. kindlly if any one knows how can I watch it please notes me. Thank you and I hope get what I need worodkmoreless
  • The citizens in Salem may need to invest in some more sandbags for fear of drowning from all the times Frankie and Sami cry! Too bad they\'re related ... they might make an amusing couple.moreless

    It really is, you know. An alternate reality.

    This episode had two major and two minor storyline arcs. The majors were, of course, the fiasco at Sami\'s wedding and the adventure at Jennifer\'s place, and the minors were Belle\'s baby woes and Marlena\'s connection to Alex (which ended up converging anyway).

    What amazes me is that the best dressed wedding guest wasn\'t even at the wedding. Most of the dresses were absolutely beautiful, but Jennifer\'s dress was just perfect for the occasion. And she wasn\'t even there. But apparently Frankie doesn\'t like pink. I swear, that man cries more than any woman on the air. And so far, I\'m just not feeling any love for his character. Then again, I also see no point in Max, and I\'m soon losing all interest in Alex North.

    The Sami/Kate confrontation could have been interesting, but all I could focus on throughout the entire episode was a wedding guest behind Kate. It was the black male guest we\'ve never seen before who must have had the world\'s most gigantic rock in his ear. Every time the scene switched to Kate, all I could focus on was that glinting rock in the background.

    Speaking of people we\'ve never seen before, who on earth WERE most of those people? I\'ve never understood the soap theory \'the more unknowns at a wedding the better\'. Do these same unknowns also horn in on the reception? (The reception that we know, at this point, just is not going to happen.)

    Onto other topics, though ... Belle. Ah, lovely, lovely Belle. Marries one man while in love with another. Lies to her husband daily about their love. Pregnant with a child who could belong to either man. Smooches with her ex every chance she gets. Either dump the long-suffering husband who would do anything for her, or kick the whiny and moody ex who constantly plays games to the curb. At this point, this character is toast. And it\'s hard to forget that Martha Madison is years older than the character of Belle is supposed to be, and older than all of her co-stars in this storyline. Madison isn\'t a bad actress at all, but she would have been better as a recast for another character (Carrie? one of Mickey and Maggie\'s daughters?) rather than Belle. A recast and a personality change is desperately needed for this character.moreless

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