Days of our Lives

Season 41 Episode 150

Ep. #10332

Aired Weekdays 1:00 PM Jun 08, 2006 on NBC

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  • Start of the trial....

    The only thing that will stay with me from this episode is the fact that Mimi still cannot act out a believable scene. Her role was originally just to be a side-kick to the \'scene stealing\' Belle...then they signed Farrah, but I don\'t think she was ready for the dramatic role; she seems confused most of the time, and unsure of herself. She was trying to support Shawn with the trial coming up, but to me she just sounded whiny. I think I would root for this couple more if they had actual chemistry (a la Shelle).

    Kate is doing more scheming, Chelsea is scared of jail, Hope is hell bent on Chelsea getting punished, and Bo is hoping to be together with Hope basically the show is the same as it was one month ago.....It\'s the same scenes, the same dialogue, the same bad show.....oh how I long for the days of Carly Manning and Kristen Dimera!!!