Days of our Lives

Season 43 Episode 358

Ep. #10798

Aired Weekdays 1:00 PM Apr 04, 2008 on NBC
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Ep. #10798
Stephanie lays into Kayla for jeopardizing her baby. Chelsea yells at Bo for attempting to leave the hospital and wonder where he was going. Steve tells Hope that dinner with Ava never happened, and that she passed out last night. Philip shows John the morning paper saying that Paul Hollingsworth has been indicted for taking bribes. Ava wonders what Steve and "Kayla" are arguing about. Chloe and Nicole have a confrontation at the breakfast table regarding Brady. Bo asks Dr. Jonas that he notices that Chelsea has a bit of a crush on him. Victor shows up for a therapy session with Marlena, Victor says that his life is crumbling around him that Nicole Walker is back. Kayla asks Stephanie where Steve is and what he's keeping from her and she wants to know regardless. Chloe and Nicole engage in a fight. Stephanie opens up to Kayla about Ava. Caroline asks Bo where Hope is cause Ciara thinks something is wrong. Angelo thinks that this fight with Steve and "Kayla" is pretty convenient. Chelsea covers the fact that she is not feeling well. Ava allows Steve to answer his cell phone and it's Kayla asking him what's going on.moreless

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      • Marlena: Oh! You're up and working early, aren't you?
        John: I got an early start. Kind of impossible to sleep with those babies crying every hour.
        Marlena: You can't hear those twins on the other side of the mansion.
        John: Those high-pitched squeals can resonate through 10 inches of concrete.
        Marlena: (laughs)
        John: How long are you people staying with me?
        Marlena: Until Sami and E.J. can prove to the government that their marrige is legitimate and he can stay here.
        John: Can't you pay someone off? Oh, that's right. You don't approve of that sort of thing.

      • Nicole: Victor, sweetie, would you tell the grabby opera singer to give me my croissant back.
        Victor: You know, I wanna get involved in your petty squabbles, like I wanna put a nail in my eye.

      • Chloe: Hello, Victor.
        Victor: Oh, wonderful, now my day is complete.

      • Nicole: Good morning, sweetheart.
        Victor: Don't call me that.
        Nicole: I guess things don't change, you're still a Mr. Grumpy Pants in the morning.
        Victor: And your still a gold-digging whore.

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