Days of our Lives

Season 43 Episode 490

Ep. #10932

Aired Weekdays 1:00 PM Oct 14, 2008 on NBC
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Ep. #10932
Melanie sees Nick having a beer at the pub and reminds that he was just released from jail on a D.U.I. Stephanie tells Max that she's taking the wallet to the police, and to think again of the possibility of Melanie actually killing Trent. Kayla tells Bo if there's been any developments in helping Caroline's case. Lucas is shocked when Sami shares her news that E.J. also got Nicole pregnant too. E.J. brings Nicole to the hospital to determine paternity of her baby, Nicole says that the baby is a blessing and that he's only thinking of himself. Lexie meets with Lacey and says that her services will no longer be required, after what happened when she turned her back and wasn't paying attention to Theo, Lacey then pleads with Lexie to give her another chance. Lucas tells Sami that Stefano will focus on Nicole's baby and leaves her completely alone, but he still thinks that Sami should tell E.J. the truth. Stephanie isn't going to let Max destroy the wallet. Melanie tells Nick that since he helped her in France, she's going to help him now and that drinking in the morning isn't the answer, Nick tells Melanie she knows what's wrong. Max tells Stephanie if she's accusing him or Melanie of murdering Trent and to make up her mind. Lacey meets with Mayor Marino and says that she may have some information that he could definately use against Abe and his campaign. Abe officially announces his candidacy for Mayor while at a press conference at Chez Rouge. Lucas tells Sami to not let Nicole take E.J. away from her. E.J. comes in as Kayla prepares Nicole as her ultra sound. Stephanie and Max bring Trent's wallet to Bo, he then asks where they got it, Stephanie says that Melanie planted it in her purse, Bo then goes to have a talk with Melanie. Nick confides in Melanie that he's drawn to her. Lacey interrupts the press conference and makes a scene about the Carver's using autism as an excuse to not look after their son, Mayor Marino watches in enjoyment from his office and applauds her.moreless

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  • Abe=Obama parallels

    I love the Abe runs for mayor line. At first I was really upset when he quit as commissioner. I thought they'd phase him out. And I was even more made when they had Hope decide not to replace him -- because she had to be a parent (though in usual sexist double standarad apparently that didn't EVEN OCCUR to Bo when he put in his candidacy for the same job!).

    But now it's getting interesting. Having Abe run for political office and today's segment where Abe & Lexie goofed on the "fist bump" before the presse conference like Obama & his wife did was really funny.

    I started thinking about how mayor Marino is launching hurtful negative personal attacks at his oponent -- instead of dealing with him fairly on the issues like Abe offered to do. Hm.... I see a parallel. Will the former babysitter start trying to incite racial violence(ala Palin)? Will she call him a terrorist and let mobs shout "kill him"? Will they try the doubly insulting tactic of accusing Abe of being a Muslim?) [Note: doubly offensive for trying to pair someone incorrectly with a feared demographic and second for implying that being a muslim makes you something one should be scared of.]

    Stefano's funding Marino campaign in order to not be prosecuted for illegal acts can be read as the corporate lobbyists who fund McCain.

    I can't wait to see what happens next!

    This show has really turned around from being the hillbilly conservative Christian prosethylizing show it was for a while. I'm so glad they decided to get rid of the nascar races, Max discussing hunting trips, ignorant rants against science and staging every scene in a chapel/church. I was happy to be able to start watching the show again, but this plotline has really ignited my interest. This kind of real world relevance makes the show much more dramatic and engaging!

    Way better plotline than rapists who can't use condoms impregnating people!moreless
Erin Chambers

Erin Chambers

Lacey Hansen

Guest Star

Matt Borlenghi

Matt Borlenghi

Mayor Marino

Guest Star

McKinley Freeman

McKinley Freeman

Evan Sayers

Guest Star

Terrell Ransom Jr.

Terrell Ransom Jr.

Theo Carver

Recurring Role

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