Days of our Lives

Season 43 Episode 497

Ep. #10939

Aired Weekdays 1:00 PM Oct 23, 2008 on NBC
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Ep. #10939
Philip runs into Stephanie at Java. He notices she is sad and asks what's bothering her. She tells him that Max and she broke up. Max comes into to talk with Bo and asks him why Melanie's name is circled on the suspect board. Bo says he has reason to believe that she did kill Trent. Chloe almost tells Nicole about Sami's pregnancy, but quickly changes the subject, Nicole tells Chloe that E.J. told her he wants the life with her. Melanie cuts her date short with Nick when she has a vision of Trent sitting at the bar at the pub. Chloe calls Lucas and says she doesn't have to stay loyal to Sami and is going to tell Nicole about Sami's pregnancy. The vision of Trent tells Melanie that her guilt is the reason she conjured him up. Melanie is so distraught, she runs out of the room and into Philip. Bo wants Max to cooberate Stephanie's accusation. Max states that Melanie never confessed to the killing. Stephanie overhears his statement and gets upset. E.J. sees a red dot on Sami and pushes her out of the way, just as a shot is heard. Lucas interupts Chloe before she can tell Nicole about Sami's pregnancy. E.J. tells Sami to stay down because someone is shooting at her. Roman asks Sami what she was thinking by coming back to the island. Marlena arrives and assures Sami that no one is going to hurt her. John awkwardly says that he's glad Sami is not injured and then inspects the scene and asks what the trajectory of the bullet was. He is asked to leave. Stephanie worries that she'll lose Max for good. Melanie angrily "confesses" to Philip and snidely asks if he came wearing a wire. Max asks Hope where Stephanie went, Hope suggests he go after her before it's too late. Melanie seductively offers to buy Philip's silence (and she's not talking about money). Roman says that there's only one way to keep Sami safe. She needs to go into a temporary witness protection program.moreless

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