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Days of our Lives

Season 43 Episode 507

Ep. #10949

Aired Weekdays 1:00 PM Nov 06, 2008 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Ep. #10949
Philip tells Nick that it's gonna be a while before he makes any money on his project. E.J. tells Bo that Nicole is missing. Nicole is put somewhere with other felons a place that isn't University Hospital. Tony tells Roman why he's so glum and thinks it has to do with the possibility that Stefano had the Mayor killed. Evan tells Abe that it's time to say his acceptance speech. Philip tells Nick that his alternative fuel source is the not a good thing right now, Melanie tells Philip to cut the crap and that Chelsea put him up to this. Abe gives his speech and Lexie is worried he'll bring up Stefano. The doctor returns and finds that he smokes are missing, Nicole motions that Candy took them putting her on Nicole's bad side. Bo tells E.J. that Nicole was transfered to the prison hospital ward. When Dr. Sherry leaves Candy and another inmate gang up on Nicole. Philip says that Chelsea had nothing to do with it and it was his decision, Melanie tells him that Chelsea knew about the letter. E.J. comes to the prison but the nurse refuses to let him see Nicole, he says he isn't leaving til he sees her. Abe tells Roman that he's chosen the new police commissioner. Nicole screams and the Dr. Sherry and the guard enter the room. Nick tells Max that Philip thinks there's some flaws in his project, but Philip will rethink his decision, and asks Max for his help. Philip comes back and tells Melanie that Nick may fall for her sob story but he sees right through her. E.J. comes to Nicole's rescue in the hospital prison ward with a court order allowing him to take her out of here. Bo accepts the job of police commissioner. Max agrees to help Max and Nick says that Melanie will get a share of the profits cause he's in love with her.moreless

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