Days of our Lives

Season 44 Episode 108

Ep. #11059

Aired Weekdays 1:00 PM Apr 14, 2009 on NBC
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Ep. #11059
Mia confronts Nicole about her so called lies and says she won't let her have her baby. Bo has another vision and sees that today is the day that Hope sleeps with Roman. Chloe tells Kate that she can't meet with her cause she's helping Nicole for her wedding, Kate says to come to the pub cause she has a surprise for her, Daniel arrives and Kate thanks him for coming so quickly. Mia tells Nicole that she spent half the night reading all of her transgressions. Roman tells Hope at Java that he's her new partner on the stakeout and that the location is at a hotel. Chloe meets Mia and asks Nicole who she is. Kate wants Daniel to appear on her show and talk about his medical expertise, Daniel says that he'll be delighted. Maggie tells Bo that Hope left with Roman a little while ago. Kate sits down with Daniel and tells Chloe and says that Daniel has agreed to be on her show, Chloe says that it's probably a bad idea. Roman tells Hope that they could be here all day. Nicole asks Mia who's been telling her all this stuff. Chris comes in and tells Katie some bad news that all the stuff for her talk show was obliterated in a fire. Officer Chatsworth tells Bo that the location changed and doesn't know where, Bo says to find Roman's informant right away. Nicole tries to get through to Mia that she's not the person that she read about anymore and is going to take care of Sydney. Maggie offers Chez Rouge as a temporary studio, Kate thinks it's a magnificent idea. Hope sees that the buyer has shown and thinks that he seen her looking through the window. Nicole tries to guilt Mia by saying that she might go to jail and might lose her baby.moreless

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