Days of our Lives

Season 44 Episode 134

Ep. #11085

Aired Weekdays 1:00 PM May 20, 2009 on NBC
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Ep. #11085
E.J. informs Philip that he has Stephanie. Rafe and Sami enjoy their afternoon in bed, and admits that all the time in the safe house when they could've been doing this. Victor tells Stefano that the injection of insulin that they gave him was all they had and unless E.J. comes through by signing those papers. Owen tells Stephanie that he had no choice and was just following orders. Arianna tells Brady to get some ice for that coffee burn. Melanie plans to sell Stephanie's earring online hoping to make some money. E.J. tells Philip that his girlfriend is safe at least for now. E.J. tells Philip that he wants Stefano released immediately, Philip wants proof that he has Stephanie, E.J. shows him a picture. Melanie sees as Arianna and Brady are getting cozy, she then decides to do the right thing and give Stephanie back her earring. Stefano asks the nurse how long he'll have, she says that he doesn't have much time. Owen tells Stephanie that she has to remain her until he gets further instructions. Brady sees and recognizes the earring and that it looks familiar, and learns Melanie is selling it. E.J. rips up the contract thinking that now that he has leverage it's null and void. Sami goes in the living room and sees Rafe tending to Grace, Sami says she's going to tell Will that she and Rafe are together. Rafe says he has a good idea of his own and explains to Sami about being a father Grace. Philip then calls Victor and tells him that E.J. has Stephanie, but Victor refuses to help.moreless

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