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Days of our Lives

Season 47 Episode 184

Ep. #11895

Aired Weekdays 1:00 PM Aug 13, 2012 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Ep. #11895

Madison tells Ian there's no way that Brady would just abandon her on their wedding day. Andrew tells Chad to ask Gabi where Melanie is. John wakes up and sees Marlena, and goes to check if everyone else is alright. E.J. tells Sami to hang on, but she's said she is slipping. Roman tells Bo and Hope to go and save Sami. Nicole calls out for help when she's trapped under some debris, Daniel tries to find her. Ian sees that Madison is bleeding and goes to check on her. Chad sees that Andrew somehow got away, and asks Gabi what he meant what he said. Jackand Jennifer realize that Abigail is stuck in an elevator. Kayla sets up an area at the Brady Pub so she cantreat all thepeople who got injured in the blast. Will hurries to the warehouse and saves E.J. and Sami from a dangerous situation. Nicole tells Daniel that she has gone into labor. Kate overhears Ian declare his love for Madison, also he was just using her in order to get to the DiMera fortune, he sobs as Madison dies. Samiasks E.J. to leave town, causeif the police find him he will be arrested. Brady feels something and tells Melanie they need to get out of here right away. Jack gets into the elevator, rumbling occurs and the cable starts to break.


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