Days of our Lives

Season 32 Episode 26

Ep. #7933

Aired Weekdays 1:00 PM Dec 16, 1996 on NBC

Episode Recap

On Monday, Jennifer, John, and Marlena are about to leave the Blake house when Jenn sees a light on the second floor. They race upstairs, but don't discover Laura.

[Jennifer is certain she saw a light, and John feels someone was there too, so they decide to search the second floor again.] Instead of splitting up and verifying that every room is empty, they all go off together. Then they hear a noise coming from the first room, and rush back in. It's Celeste (who says she came in the back way), telling everyone that she had a psychic dream in which she saw Stefano and Peter with Laura. Jennifer fears the worst. [Marlena thinks it's horse-puckey. Strange coming from her, after her experience with Eugene's 'vibes'.] At Jennifer's request, Celeste describes her dream. Marlena shudders at the thought of Stefano being alive, and John reminds her that no body was found after the explosion in Aremid. It isn't unthinkable for Stefano to be alive. Celeste starts feeling 'vibrations'. Panicking, Stefano (still hiding in the secret room with Peter and Laura) calls Kristen and tells her to get these people out of the house ASAP. Kristen arrives in time to disrupt Celeste's 'vibrations', and Marlena finds it odd that Kristen came to the house, since she didn't know they were there. Kristen explains that she comes to the house a lot, since it's just like the one in Aremid where she and Peter stayed. She manages to convince them to drop the search until tomorrow, but Celeste calls Kristen later and feels she is hiding something.]

Mickey wants to help Jack prepare for his murder trial, but Jack is so preoccupied that he cannot concentrate [and Mickey wants him to try to recall every detail of the evening Peter was shot.] He tells Mickey that all he can think about is Jennifer and Abby, and his responsibility to them. When Mickey urges Jack to concentrate on his defense, Jack tunes him out by recalling romantic times he shared with Jennifer.

[Jenn returns to the house after not finding her mother, and she breaks down when she sees a drawing Abby made of the family - Jenn, Jack, Abby, and Laura.] Bo and Hope return to find the guard missing from outside Jill's room. When Bo spots Franco in the room, he goes ballistic, accusing Franco of having arranged for the guard to leave. Franco denies it, but Bo doesn't believe him. When the guard returns, he says there was a report about a missing patient that turned out to be a false alarm. [Bo decides to guard Jill himself, and Hope goes back to the Horton's. Shawn-Douglas is excited that they found Jill, and he thinks this means they'll be a family again. Sadly, Hope explains that may not be true, and they have to believe in whatever fate has in store for them. Hope reminisces about her almost-wedding to Bo, and Alice tries to comfort her (a slap upside the head might be more useful, Alice). Bo dozes off while sitting at Jill's bedside, and dreams that she awakens and identifies Franco as her attacker.] Once Franco is alone, he calls his boss and explains that the heat is on, and he's got to get out of town. [Bo overhears part of the conversation. He comments that Franco is on the phone an awful lot. He says it's his agent (but when's the last time we saw this guy working?). Bo asks Franco to hand over his passport,and tells a cop to keep an eye on him. Once the unwanted visitors exit the Blake house, Stefano tries to make arrangements for himself and Peter and Laura to leave. He's angry to learn that they cannot go until tomorrow evening. Peter asks Stefano to leave Laura behind, because Jennifer has been through enough pain. Stefano refuses.]

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