Days of our Lives

Season 32 Episode 27

Ep. #7934

Aired Weekdays 1:00 PM Dec 17, 1996 on NBC

Episode Recap

It's a new day, and Salem is fully decorated for Christmas. Hope wakes up and greets gran. Bo stayed with Jill last night. Bo enters and tells that Jill hasn't awakened. Bo wants to move his thoughts and asks Hope to help him and his parents decorate St. Luke's. Because of Hopes bad memories there, she declines. At St. Luke's, Shawn D, Shawn, Caroline and Bo are helping Father Janssen to decorate the church. Hope also enters. Father Janssen thanks all of them for their help. Shawn and Caroline make sure that Hope and Bo walk under the mistletoe. Hope and Bo kiss but Hope draws back and leaves. Bo calls for info and Jill, but there's no break. Bo has a very good feeling.

Meanwhile Jack comes home and calms down Jennifer. He and Mike put up some flyers about the missing Laura and there's also a reward. Jack wants to take Abby with hem to Salem Place for Santa's first appearance. After a talk with Jennifer, she will join them. At Salem Place. Abby goes to Santa and tells him that she wants her grandmother Laura back, and her parents to live together. Jennifer runs into Linda Bourne, a woman who also her mother is missing. Linda offers her number for help. And Jack gets a phone call that a disoriented woman is found! Jennifer meets the disoriented woman but it's not her mother. But maybe there can be a miracle. Jennifer leaves and a bit later returns with Linda. It is Linda's mother! They reunite and a real miracle happened. Linda and her mother are chosen to put on the Christmas lights.

Kristen is dreamed about Celeste's visions and her warning. "There is great terrible in the Blake house! And Kristen is the only one to prevent that." She calls Celeste, because maybe this is Kristen's chance to do something good for a change. So Kristen informs Celeste that she will go take a look at the Blake house. Kristen is also in Salem Place and meets Celeste after she called her back. Her feeling is much more stronger. She talks about her dream of Peter, Stefano and Laura. Celeste informs Kristen that she is the only one who can prevent a great tragedy.

Stefano informs Peter and Laura that they are leaving today. He tells Laura that she will not come back. Laura examines Peter's condition. She tells that he's improving and ready for a long journey. Stefano putt Laura's handcuffs back on and leaves the room. Laura immediately begs for Peter's help to release her. He's to weak to fight Stefano, but Laura keeps asking him to do well. Peter will release Laura if she promises to keep silent about him and Stefano being alive. Stefano enters and is very curious for her answer. He agrees with Peter and will release her then. But what about Jack? Laura can't let Jack go innocent to jail so she declines. Stefano had expected this and that's the reason why he agreed. Outside the room, Stefano meets Kristen. He tells her that he couldn't leave yesterday. He reassures her that he doesn't have Laura. But Kristen goes in and finds Laura! Kristen is schoked. She wants to free Laura but Stefano stops her. He warns her that she will hurt people if she sets Laura free. Kristen doesn't care. Peters shows up and asks: what about me? Kristen sees Peter alive and faints! A little later she wakes up and discovers everything. She cries of happiness and has a big hug with her brother. She immediately begins to talk about how happy that Jennifer will be. But Stefano informs her that that's not the plan. Kristen wants to know what the plan is then…

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