Days of our Lives

Season 32 Episode 31

Ep. #7938

Aired Weekdays 1:00 PM Dec 23, 1996 on NBC

Episode Recap

At the Brady House, Shawn-D is praying that Jill wakes up. His prayers are answered when Bo & Hope announce that Jill woke up and she will attend a line-up. Shawn-D is very happy. At the Nursing, Home Jill has a bad dream about Franco; she screams it out. Franco is also there walking around. Shawn-D goes to tell Shawn & Caroline the good news. Hope is mad at Bo for giving Shawn-D hope. They both still disagree at Franco. Hope believes that Bo is in love with Billie. A phone call disturbs their fight. They discover that Jill wants to speak them and they leave immediately. Franco calls his boss and informs that he can't get to Jill. Bo and Hope arrive at the Nursing Home. Jill tells them that she doesn't want to go to the line-up. Bo & Hope tell about the importance for their wedding. She still refuses, but changes her mind when Hope tells her about the time when she was kidnapped by Jude St. Clair. Franco walks around at Salem Place and is being called by his boss. Franco wants to meet. Bo and hope leave to go buy some gifts. At Salem Place they see Franco talking to someone and Bo is sure it's Franco's boss. He wants to know who it is but the boss is hidden behind a tree.

At the Dimera mansion, Kristen looks at her crib and still is nervous about Laura. She gets a phone call from Stefano; Laura is still unconscious. Stefano wants that Kristen makes sure that John gets his policeman away from the airport, so he and Peter can leave. John enters & sees Kristen upset. He takes over the phone but Stefano hangs up. At the Blake house, informs Stefano Peter that Kristen knows what to do. Peter still is deeply worried about Laura's condition. At Jen's Place, Jennifer is also very worried and is calmed down by Mike & Jack, she seeks comfort in Jack's arms. Meanwhile Kristen makes up a story about a salesman that called. She tells John that Laura is afraid of flying, so John decides to move the police from the airport to somewhere else. Kristen decides to invite Jennifer. Jennifer tries to stay strong and Jack leaves to go search Laura. Kristen calls her to invite them over, but at first Jennifer refuses. Mike convinces her to go, he will stay at the phone. Peter is glad that Laura will be home for Christmas but then Laura is about to wake up! Jack is in the park searching and runs into Celeste who has had another dream. Peter is very nervous but they can't leave until the police are away from the airport. He calls a henchman at the airport and finds out the police are leaving. In the hall he runs into Kristen who wants to know if the procedure did work. Again at the Dimera mansion, Abe and Lexie arrive and John finds out that Kristen disappeared. Laura went back out en Kristen wants to see if she's all right. They can only know for sure if she wakes up. By then Stefano and Peter are gone and Kristen has to handle it alone. Kristen says goodbye to Peter and Stefano. John finds a note from Kristen, she went shopping. Jennifer and Abby arrive; Lexie takes Abby upstairs to play with Brady. John and Abe tell that they transferred the police from the airport. Jennifer is surprised because Laura isn't afraid of flying. They all are surprised. Celeste had a dream about the airport. Laura was alone and people also left. Jack goes to there. Again at the Blake house, two henchmen take Laura away. Peter apologizes and tells Laura that he loves Jennifer. Kristen arrives back home. She is immediately questioned but tells that she made a mistake. She heard it from Peter, when Laura didn't want to go with him and Jennifer last year to England. She must have misunderstood it. So John & Abe want to put policeman back their but Kristen convinces them not to, because Laura forgot her purse anyway and doesn't have an ID and money. At the airport Jack recognizes one of the Dimera henchman, which is calling to Stefano in his car. Stefano and Peter stop the car because Stefano has a gift for Peter. Meanwhile everybody is singing and Lexie has returned with Abby. Stefano and Peter look trough the window. Peter says goodbye to Jennifer and will come back. Kristen sees them and fakes cramps again to draw attention. Kristen then tells she's fine. Stefano and Peter leave and Peter thanks him for the Christmas gift and the toast for their future. Jack goes and changes into a janitor to keep an eye on the henchman. Kristen comforts Jennifer. And at the same time Laura lays in the park on a bench in the snow.

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