Days of our Lives

Season 32 Episode 32

Ep. #7939

Aired Weekdays 1:00 PM Dec 24, 1996 on NBC

Episode Recap

It's Christmas Eve, at the Brady Pub; the Christmas tree is lightened by Shawn-D. Also Shawn & Caroline are there, like Sami, Lucas, Carrie and Will. Austin also arrives with news for Carrie. Austin lets Carrie know that he and her can use the Titan jet. They can fly back whenever they want to see Will. Carrie is thrilled. It's a Christmas gift from Kate. Sami and Lucas are curious why Carrie is so happy.

Jennifer thanks Kristen for her help. Abe, Lexie, Abby and John return from the kitchen but Abe and Lexie leave. Just when they're gone Marlena and Belle arrive. John goes with Abby and Belle after some cookies. Jennifer talks to Marlena and Kristen about Christmases she missed with her mother, Laura. Laura still lies on the bench. Mickey and Maggie came after Abby, and Mike arrives at the Dimera mansion to pick up Jennifer. They go searching again. John leaves the room and mentions that he and Kristen will spend Christmas together with their child. Marlena tell Kristen that that's not going to happen. Her family will be together.

Stefano & Peter arrive at the airport. He calls with the henchman and Jack still watches him. Stefano and Peter wait in a backroom. They talk about coming back and reclaiming the women they love. The henchman leaves and goes to meet up with Stefano and Peter. Jack follows and stops the henchman. Stefano and Peter are waiting for him. Jack wants to know where the henchman is headed. He tells that he doesn't know Laura. Stefano & Peter hear Jack and hide. The henchman tells Jack he's meeting a lady friend. Jack wants to meet her and goes to the backroom, which is empty. Maggie then phones him with the news about Laura. Jack believes that the henchman is telling the truth and hopes is lady friend shows up. Jack leaves. Stefano and Peter enter the room, Peter is glad that Laura is found. Stefano & Peter take the plane and take off. Both are hoping for the best.

Franco talks to his boss. Hope stops Bo and asks him to stay calm. Franco is about to leave but is stopped with Bo; the person that Franco was talking to has disappeared. Bo goes after a person… Billie. She happened to be there and was just shopping; she hasn't seen Franco. Bo demands to know against whom Franco was talking to. Franco tells Bo, Hope & Billie that he was talking to… God. He was praying for the woman he loved and his child. Hope & Billie believe him but Bo is pissed of.

Mickey, Maggie and Abby are celebrating Christmas Eve with Alice. Alice received a bouquet from Doug & Julie, who couldn't be there. They all are worried about Laura. In the meantime Mike and Jennifer are searching in the park. They pray and then find someone on a bench who turns out to be Laura. She's unconscious. Because Jennifer doesn't want her to wake up in the hospital they take her to the Horton's. Jennifer thanks god. Jennifer & Mike arrive with Laura and explains everything. Jennifer notices that someone took care of her. Jennifer is glad that Laura is home for Christmas. Laura opens her eyes for a few seconds and says the word home. Hope arrives at the Horton's and talks to Alice. Alice wants her to go to the Brady's to be with Bo. Hope thanks her and goes to Bo. Laura is brought to a room. She's stable and Jennifer wants to know where she's been and who took care of her. Alice comes in also Jack arrives. He's very happy. Jennifer thanks him for his helps and Jack leaves. Mike and Jennifer discover a mark (from surgery) on her forehead. They'll have to wait until she wakes up to find out what it is.

Abe & Lexie are at the Brady pub. Sami and Lucas are still very curious. John, Kristen, Marlena, Belle & Brady also arrive. Austin tells Sami about Kate's gift and that he's going away on the business trip. Sami tells him that he's going to miss a lot of Will's life; like his first steps. But while she says that, Will makes his first steps. Marlena talks to Carrie and is convinced that she and John will be together soon. Kristen is tensed and Marlena becomes suspicious.

John and Kristen arrive in church. Austin & Carrie go sit next to Sami & Will. They set their differences aside for a bit. Shawn, Caroline, Bo & Shawn-D also arrive. And Hope also shows up. She wouldn't want to miss this. Billie arrives and looks at Bo & Hope and then goes sit next to her brother. Franco shows up but realises he doesn't belong there and leaves the church. After Marlena visited Laura, she shows up and goes sit next to John. Kristen looks pale but explains to be still very relieved of finding Laura. Father Jansen says a pray. They all start singing and John who's holding Kristen hand takes also Marlena's hand. Bo takes Hope in his arms.

In the Horton living room, Jack, Abby, Mickey, Maggie, Mike & Alice are celebrating. Lucas stops by to drop of gifts. Alice wants that her grandson to stay. Lucas thanks her and is welcomes by his half brother Mike and half sister Jennifer. He's a real Horton now. Like every year they are hanging up the Christmas ornaments. While hanging up Tom's, Alice remembers a when she and Tom hang up the ornaments years ago. Afterwards they all start singing 'Silent Night'. Jennifer goes upstairs with her mother and wishes her a merry Christmas. After she leaves Laura says again the word home. Alice looks outside the window and remembers when she and Tom wished each other a merry Christmas. Alice looks once more at her family and Tom's ornament. The show ends with an image of Tom & Alice.

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