Days of our Lives

Season 34 Episode 142

Ep. #8556

Aired Weekdays 1:00 PM Jun 01, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

Marlena goes to Stefano's to beg him to help Sami. She asks him to put pressure on the governer to have him give Sami a stay of execution. Marlena passionately recalls how Stefano robbed Sami of both her parents when she needed her the most, and talks hnowing how much he loves his children, and how he knows what it's like to lose them, and begs him to call in a favour. Stefano agrees, but says he might need a favour in return. Marlena agrees to anything.

At the Hospital, Roman pulls Kate out of Roberto's room asking what she thinks she's doing. He tells her he can't help them because Joe told him there was no hit out on Franco. Kate talks Roman into talking to Roberto anyway and goes in with him to intimidate Roberto. Roman leaves the room to get a stenographer to take his statement, and Kate takes the oportinuty to further pressure Roberto. She tells him she'll protect his family, keep them from being hunted by the Moroni's, in exchange for him confessing to Franco's murder. Roman returns, and Roberto tells them there was no hitman.

Lucas is shocked to learn Sami's being executed in a matter of hours and Nicole demands to know why Kate wouldn't want him to know about Sami's execution. The two get dressed and prepare to leave for Salem. Lucas thinks about the future and his son finding out he could have saved his mother but didn't, and hating him for it. Lucas decides he has to confess for what he did.

At the prison, Carrie arrives and joins the rest of the Brady's visiting with Sami for the last time. Sami wants Austin and Carrie to keep fighting for custody of Will. Shawn reminds Sami of a rhyme Sami & Eric used to say when they were children, and then he and Caroline take Will home. From the hall, Sami hears Will call "mommy" and almost falls over. Eric tries to comfort her. Later, Sami & Carrie have a heart to heart and talk about how happy she is Carrie and Austin are together. The Warden and John enter the room and Sami's frantic that it's time for her execution. The Warden informs Sami she can order anything for her last meal. After he leaves, she and John hug. Eric then runs in telling everyone Roberto's ready to talk. Later, Sami and her family pray with the priest and are told visiting hours are over. John leaves, Carrie & Sami say goodbye, and Sami has a last moment with Eric. John finds Marlena in the hallway and she tells him Stefano's going to get Sami a reprieve, John's angry and afraid. Marlena knows what she's done, but tells John she had no choice. Back in the waiting room, Sami and Austin talk and Austin tells her how he'll always love her, with Carrie listening from the hall. The guard returns, and Sami's taken back to her cell. Alone, Sami listens chants of the pro-execution protesters.